Will You Marry A Man/Woman Like Your Dad/Mum?


You know yourself…i don’t


Mama :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Baby boy :joy::joy:


See what I’m saying? I don’t need to see u physically to know u r “A” class.or “F” class. Just your words are enof to identify a slay queen, and a simple Queen. The fakes are all around pretending to be nice. Once they step into your home…you are “On Your Own”


The men should also do their part.
Stop setting useless standards when they can’t even meet the basic ones


Yeah! But need to edit some qualities here and there.


U should hear a class A lady toast her man, then u would agree that wat a man can do, a woman does better. Hmmm. I heard one talk about her man’s feet, not face, not body or privacy, but the dirtiest part of d body. It was like using words to make love to his feet. Wow. I knew some women are powerful and poetic creatures.