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The Good Old Days :grin::grin::grin:

Btw Nice Concept …


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Hello. Please how do I post my story? Through email or am I to post it here?

Here dear.

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OK…thanks a bunch

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Hello @zegisters don’t forget the #ThisIsNigeria competition is still on, the top 10 entries with the highest likes so far are

@bola’s #ThisIsNigeria: Purpose Hunt with 36 likes
@ruthe’s #ThisIsNigeria: Your Phone Not Yours with 32 likes
@Slimfatima s #ThisIsNigeria: Overnight in UNILAG with 25 likes
@imani #ThisIsNigeria: SCIENCE PROJECTS with 19 likes
@adebola’s #ThisIsNigeria with 8 likes
@oliverbella’s #ThisIsNigeria: My Safety Is in God’s Hands with 8 likes
@flyboymax’s #ThisIsNigeria: Don’t compare yourself with others with 6 likes
@akan_bassey’s #ThisIsNigeria: The first time with 4 likes
@unorthodoxdaniel’s #ThisIsNigeria: Unpopular Edition with 4 likes
@banjii’s #ThisIsNigeria: Caged Creatures with 2 likes

The contest is only open to students of the University of Lagos but you could always team up with a Unilag student and have the person win for you both :wink:. The competition is only open until the 4th of July so you should jump on it as quickly as possible.

Don’t forget to read through the articles and vote for your favorite.


Here are the top stories so far based on comments, likes and replies

Well done @Bola @Slimfatima, @Ruthe @Imani and @Hennie !
Besides likes, the comments on your stories boosts engagement.


Unfortunately, I’m a Uniben student 🤦.

Please @Zegist, remember Uniben students in the next contest. Thanks.


Hello @AFI Next contest will be open to everyone. Nonetheless, we pay people every month to write and share stories that matter to them. Read more here -




@ben I would definitely like to hear it :joy::joy:

@ben Ahhh Now I want to hear it even more :joy:

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Hello @zegisters how was the long weekend? We’re about halfway through the #ThisIsNigeria campaign and the top 10 entries as of now are

@Bola’s#ThisIsNigeria: Purpose Hunt with 135 likes
@Khadijah’s #ThisisNigeria: The Yaba experience with 113 likes
@Mabo_Duke’s #ThisIsNigeria: More Talk, Less Action with 80 likes
@oliverbella’s #ThisIsNigeria: My Safety Is in God’s Hands with 58 likes
@ruthe’s #ThisIsNigeria: Your Phone Not Yours with 38 likes
@Japheth’s#ThisIsNigeria: Life Of A Short Dude with 38 likes
@Popo’s #ThisIsNigeria: A man at 16. Young, not Dumb, definitely Broke with 34 likes
@Slimfatima’s #ThisIsNigeria: Overnight in UNILAG with 32 likes
@Hennie’s #ThisIsNigeria: The healers, the killers with 27 likes
@Arike06’s #ThisIsNigeria: We are all mad (gbogbo wa ni werey) with 24 likes

Which of the stories do you like and which do you most relate with?

Don’t forget to vote vote for your favorite stories.

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The top stories are automatically ranked by the most engagement which is a function of aggregate likes, comments and time spent on a story. Apart from writing a great story, ensure you keep readers engaged by giving their opinions on it and sharing too.

You can also check the top stories by clicking on “Latest”

Hi @everybody So the #ThisIsNigeria competition was organised in conjunction with The Academic Summit (TAS). TAS is an annual event that holds in the University of Lagos, the major aim of the event is to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real media world. We bring different media professionals to come speak to and educate the participants of the event.

The theme for this year’s event is “Create. Glocalize” We want to focus on how we can make our Nigerian brands, products, services etc global standard without losing touch of our originality, our “Nigerianness”

Over the next couple of days I would be posting details of the speakers and the event here.

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@everybody @zegist @zegisters


Akintunde Johnson is the extensive and *
Badass ( yes those are the words) Country Manager for Viacom International Media Networks Africa, looking after brands such as MTV Base, BET, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central in the Nigerian market.

Bada Akintunde Johnson is also a multiple award-winning creative director who has gained local and international acclaim for award-winning campaigns for Globacom.

He is also a prolific media personality, from a sport analyst to talk show host and was once the Creative Manager for HItv, Nigeria’s biggest indigenous pay-tv platform.

Just call him the CREATIVE GENIUS​:sunglasses::sunglasses:

Bada Akintunde Johnson will lead the Creative Direction session at The Academic Summit 9.0

:house_with_garden: JF Ade Ajayi Hall (Main Auditorium) Unilag
:date: Thursday July 5th
:alarm_clock: 9am prompt

Have you registered?

Join the conversation on social media
@academicsummit on twitter and Instagram



Hello, ive posted my story but people say they cant see the like button. What do I do?

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Tell them to sign up. If they can’t see the like button, that means they are yet to sign up.


Heyyy @zegisters, the #ThisIsNigeria contest is just 8 days away from wrapping up and the top 10 stories as of today are

@Bola’s #ThisIsNigeria: Purpose Hunt
@Adeyinka’s #ThisIsNigeria: The unending cycle
@Japheth’s #ThisIsNigeria: Life Of A Short Dude
@Khadijah’s #ThisisNigeria: The Yaba experience
@Mabo_Duke’s#ThisIsNigeria: More Talk, Less Action
@oliverbella’s #ThisIsNigeria: My Safety Is in God’s Hands
@ruthe’s #ThisIsNigeria: Your Phone Not Yours
@Popo’s #ThisIsNigeria: A man at 16. Young, not Dumb, definitely Broke
@Hennie’s #ThisIsNigeria: The healers, the killers
@Loiss’s #ThisIsNigeria: Life with a Yoruba Demon

The top stories are a function of likes, comments, time spent on a post and overall engagement. So in addition to getting your friends to like your story get them to comment and interact with other users too. The top stories can be found here.

Don’t forget to share your favorite stories on your social media accounts to help the contestants win.