Win ₦100k : Tell Us Your Naija Story - #ThisisNigeria


Even ging, zinger…lmao…nah so corruption dey start.


These ones are already corrupt.
Many Nigerians are morally bankrupt.
They’ll use the term “sharp”.

Forgetting integrity and honesty are invaluable.

TBH, it’s quite disappointing.


@mira @Otumininu @DesignFreak @Echelon @Angie

I know right, the choice of names just had me like :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@Angie yeah that’s what people fail to get this days, its no more how well you know or what you have but integrity and being honest…once that is lost, u loss everything…


Lol :grin: Na sooo naa… Everybody wan win money. Nice and interesting stories. Can I still upload my own story and get people to like it too. I wan win money too ooh


Sure thing bro! Give it a shot, you have a little under 2 days to work your magic :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay. Thanks bro


Didn’t think it would creep up so fast but it did, @zegisters tomorrow is the 4th of July and our #ThisIsNigeria competition will be ending at midnight today.

The top 5 stories right now are

@Adeyinka’s #ThisIsNigeria: The unending cycle

@Khadijah’s #ThisisNigeria: The Yaba experience

@Mabo_Duke’s#ThisIsNigeria: More Talk, Less Action

@Loiss’s #ThisIsNigeria: Life with a Yoruba Demon

@ruthe’s #ThisIsNigeria: Your Phone Not Yours

The top 5 contestants have until midnight today to overtake other contestants or cement their positions.

Best of luck guys!


Thanks to all the students who participated in the Zegist x Academic Summit 2018 #ThisIsNigeria creative writing competition.

We are excited to announce our winners, which happens to be everyone who submitted an entry, you guys were all fantastic and it was wonderful reading all of your stories.

Ahem, that being said, the overall winners who had the top 3 stories and who will receive cash prizes of N100k, N50k and N30k respectively are

@Adeyinka’s #ThisIsNigeria: The unending cycle

@Khadijah’s #ThisisNigeria: The Yaba experience

@Mabo_Duke’s#ThisIsNigeria: More Talk, Less Action

All three winners wrote excellent stories. We commend them for their creative writing and their efforts at publicity and we wish them best of luck.

Congratulations to @Adeyinka, @Khadijah and @Mabo_Duke

@zegisters the regular Zegist rewards are back on.

Let’s do this!


Congrats to @Adeyinka @Khadijah @Mabo_Duke, and to every other person that participated. You have all done well!


Thank you


I’m literally jumping right now, thank you very much. Congrats @Khadijah and @Mabo_Duke


Shhhh…no noise. Go and sleep. Your mates are sleeping. :wink:


:joy::joy: Thank you! Excellent stories @Adeyinka @Khadijah Congratulations!


Congratulations @Mabo_Duke @Adeyinka




Congrats to our winners


@Adeyinka @Khadijah @Mabo_Duke

Hi guys, please don’t forget to show proof that you’ve received your prize money here, thanks.


Guess who’s a 100k richer? Meeeee, I got the alert today​:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: A very big thank you yo the Zegist Team.


congrats dear.