Women carrying condoms


A man has no business carrying a lady’s handbag otherwise other men might feel insulted.
A man has no business peering into a lady’s handbag, else he shouldn’t be blinded by wateva he sees.
At a unisex saloon, this lady, after her pedicure searched her pockets and also emptied her bag on the saloon table for money to pay.
Its understandable to see eye liner, wet lips, panties, perfume, and weavon. But couldn’t understand seein condoms of different colours and brand.i tot , why so much?maybe they r for sale.And this brought a question to me. Yes i know we all have to play safe.
Guys, will u let your gf, or wife carry condoms in her bag?


It looks somehow.


How is the somehow? @Olaidelaide


What if she was heading to her bf 's and he had requested for her to get him a condom. I guess we’d never know her reason for having a condom in her bag


U didnt get the picture. Assume ur babe came visiting u. She sleeps over. Next morning on her way out she unzips her handbag, dips her hand in, brings out bunch of keys n hands them to u. But in d process, your eyes saw condoms inside d bag…


Your illustration above didn’t depict that, so it’s a different scenario with what you just said, but to answer the picture she just painted, she definitely has some questions to answer


women have different reasons for carrying different stuffs about, maybe the girl is a runs girl and to be safe she needs to carry the condoms about in case a sugar daddy or customer need a quickie OR she just bought them and was taking them home to keep cos her boyfriend is the type that doesn’t carry condoms about and he comes around and she probably is in a mood to straf her guy, but because a guy can’t be trusted sometimes she has to give him a condom to wear. #myonekobo.com


lol… If i was a guy and i know i engage in premarital sex? Why not? Biko… its better to be safe than sorry.

Its better off than carry a sex toy.


Yeah i get your point… Its a different thing if you find condoms inside her bag with no prior explanation or whatever…