Women were born LAZY! (African women especially!)

Women are very lazy! You would agree with me, especially the typical African woman and not these new hybrid ones with ideas of feminism!

A bundle of wood on the head
a babe sitting on the behind.
Two bags of groceries to balance her weight,
Of course! Her shape is worth the wait.

Oil soaked hands
Blood filled basin
Smoky arena of aroma
Sizzling dances on fire

Dusty bands
Six bedrooms to be whitewashed;
Sparkling reflection of your crooked teeth
on the floor you step on with your muddy trodden soles

Sanctifying your Children bodies for school,
The backpack on the go
No “mama put” would ever do
as if she didn’t bear the kids for you

She runs the show for the boss
making minimal their loss
healthcare check for the kids
what excuse would take her out of office

Fresh dinner is what he loves,
not that microwaved thrash she does.
So, to the stalls of vegetables and all -she’s off
Gosh, why wouldn’t she get the cough

This woman is lazy
Very Crazy…

Not even 11pm yet
Exhausted to hear how her day went’
but not tired to squeeze, the two jugs
that Nature willed, to Junior.

Doggy style he wants
Sleep she prays for
Missionary he gets
grumbling to the ceiling aloud

This woman is lazy
Very Crazy…

Househelp for what
not even in the days of his father
**If the in-laws should hear **
Then you had better marry your mother

This woman is lazy
Very Crazy…

“He is not a wicked man”
"I would do anything for him"
Spoken down, shouted on
Harassed and stepped on

This woman is lazy
Very Crazy…
High on Opium love
Very Crazy

Sir, So you have a Ph.d in Callousness
Marry an Househelp not a wife next time

Stoop low from your pedestal
and stop ranting

This woman is lazy
Very Crazy…

©Aje 2015

Imagine, the things the typical African women do on a daily, Without mincing words, Brothers YOU ARE THE LAZY ONE. Do say a kind word to the African Women around not those skinny things looking for a vacation in haaaaa!!! Oops, Buy something as you drive back in traffic today and don’t forget to appreciate the African woman you see.
TBT (ThrowBackThursday)


Nice piece sir. Shout out to the strong willed women who hold things down not the awon omo wobe. God bless y’all


Example pls

Lol… so you expect me to give examples? na wa calm

Not like dat sha

I wanted to yab u before till i read to d end.

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:joy: A lot of people usually does and that’s how I know people who read to the end… Now that you read through, what do you think?

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Nice writeup. Being a female is not easy not to talk of being a mother