Wondering what this kid will grow up to be

Saw this video on Instagram, I don’t know how best to react to it but I’m definitely angry.
This is too just wrong. What happened to serious spanking?

Mscheewww!!! The child I will give serious slap…

How did he even get to know about it?
I am not saying parents shouldn’t drink but … really there should be some cautiousness while doing things you don’t want your children to emulate… just yet…


Ahn ahn! This child is not at fault na… It’s the people who taught him to drink that need some holy-ghost inspired slap…


Oga o! and this one has parent bayi. blame it on the parent or caregiver.

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Exactly… Not the boy’s fault but the parents who has inculcated that to him…

never knew this exists o…:raised_hands::raised_hands: ONN


This is so wrong… So so wrong… The person who gave this to the child and the person making the video deserves the slap… A very good slap.

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