Working From Home Or The Office: Which Would You Prefer?


With more Nigerian startups/companies embracing the flexible workplace model, adopting the remote working culture is a further step towards maximizing company output.

Most companies, especially IT related companies are beginning to adopt the “work from home culture”. Some have clearly confirmed the fact that their staff have become more productive because they are given the opportunity to work from their comfortable place, which could be home, restaurants, parking spaces, cafe, co-working spaces etc.

However, most employers are still skeptical about its implications on their company’s survival and growth.
For employers, having some or most of their employees work from outside the office is a huge step to take, considering the level of discipline required to work unsupervised.

So without much gist, do you think this is a good step to take here in Nigeria?

* Do you think adopting the remote working culture is better in Nigeria?

* Which would you prefer?


For me, i’ll love companies to adopt both… Probably give employees the option of working from home if they wish at least 2 times in a week. Especially for jobs that require just the laptop.



Hmm! It’s of a true fact that many Nigerians especially will have lackadaisical attitude to work when they work from home, besides, the feel the office setting offers should not be ignored. Some people need to be coerced before they’re productive. However, it will be nice to experiment/try both model of working in different organisations in Nigeria and see which one works better in the Nigeria setting.


Working from home requires a high level of discipline because, the distractions that come with it are just too much. So yes, I’ll go with working at the office. Besides, you stand a greater chance of delivering better because of the work collaboration benefit you gain from other colleagues at the office.


For me, i’ll love companies to adopt both… Probably give employees the option of working from home if they wish at least 2 times in a week. Especially for jobs that require just the laptop.

True True True


I just got introduced to the idea of working from home. It’s actually cool. The problem is effective communication. There is a high possibility of misconceptions.

It would be awesome if offices could adopt 4days at the office and 1 from home


I’ve always preferred to work from home. Effective communication, prompt and timely delivery very important. Then appear in the office if need be. I’ve never been really productive in office spaces. jxt lemme carry it home and you’ll see wonders


I think the major challenges that would come up are from the internet, laxity and power supply…


Well,am here to ask a question and my question is 'if there is an office space for a work activities, why choosing to want to work from home? @pretyprexy @fola @iamtosyne.


Atimes you can work naked and nobody will disturb your life. The flexibility of seeing your fridge and then free will to open it at no extra cost. When you get tired of starring at your computer screen, you can sleep without having any salary deduction or answering any query.


Just to mention a few


:laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing: The thought of seeing the fridge and sleeping at will sha… :joy::joy: But trust me once in a while doing that is okay and if you’re a wife, Perfecto! You will appreciate working from home if there are kids.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: This is how @iamtosyne wants to koba people advocating for flex working :joy::joy:

All he mentioned above is true, the liberty that comes from working from home can not be overemphasized :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: just that people will abuse this and start giving excuses why they can’t get work done even when they’re working home.


I know this all boils down to self gratification​:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:. No working from home pls


My dear, Somedays lets be realistic, you wish to just lie down on your bed and work without having to worry about what to wear or how to start having your bath with make-up on and more…


I know dear. We all want that like everyday


Working from home is a lot more difficult than working in the office… At home u face a lot of distractions and if u don’t have self control u may end up not working at all