World Cup Draw: Nigeria Meets Argentina Again for the 5th Time


I don’t know about you but I believe the system is rigged. For Nigeria to be drawn for the 5th time in 6 appearances at the world cup. Guys…

Group D

What are your thoughts on this? Also considering the group, do you think Nigeria would top the group or
even qualify for the knock out stages.

Let’s have your opinions.


I’m not a sport person but I believe anything can happen, team Nigeria can top the group and qualify for the next stage. Most of us didn’t believe Nigeria could win Argentina in the first place but we did.


I am betting my laptop, Nigeria will win the world cup…


You’ve got jokes sir :smiley::joy:


I couldn’t agree more


My brother… I share your excitement but with caution. It’s a difficult group for everyone. I could say It’s the toughest group by my estimation. Even Argentina that everyone is hyping would not have it easy. They might not even come top of the group.


World Cup Group


I hear you sir… Just having a big little blind faith…:smiley:


How do you think Nigeria would fair and which group do you think is the toughest?


Well, I was thinking if we drew with Argentina, beat Croatia then win or draw with Iceland, we are into the next round. I believe, if we get our acts together, play as a team whose mission is win or win then We will go quite far. I think Group F is the toughest


I kinda agree with you on group F being the thoughest.


Is it just a coincidence or a grand scheme of match-fixing in football for Nigeria to be drawn 5 times in 6 world cup appearances.


I was going to say same, it has to be match fixing cause even probability can’t explain this


I’d go with this


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The Argentina team will bring all anger. The most important game is the first game. Though we look forward to hearing the Argentineans


I believe its a tough group and mostly the points would be shared around almost equally. I might be wrong. However, i don’t think Argentina would have the group all easy. They should watch their backs.