World cup, russia 2018 fixtures, highlights, scores & statistics



All football lovers come let’s dine here. Let’s give our views, highlights and every information that pertains to the ongoing FIFA WORLD CUP. :no_good_woman:


Cristiano Ronaldo made my night as he scored all the goals for Portugal tonight against the Super squad of Spain. It was an overwhelming super exciting match, it ended 3 all. :raised_hands:


First 2018 FIFA World Cup HAT TRICK. :raised_hands:


Yeeeeeaaaaaaahhhh! :grinning: Ororo knows how to set records. He was awesome last night, he’s worthy of a sixth time world best title this year :grin:.


Today’s fixtures.
France vs Australia 11 a.m
Argentina vs Iceland 2 p.m
Peru vs Denmark 5 p.m
Croatia vs Nigeria :nigeria: 20:00


I have an issue with the images of Messi and Ronaldo been used here. Where is the likes of our Nigerian Moses, Iwobi and Musa :roll_eyes:


:joy::joy::joy: Ronaldo and Messi have won ballon d’or 5 times each so I guess they are deserving of it, Moses, Iwobi and Musa are not even hoping for African best. :grinning:


You say wetin? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


:joy:Hehehe… my sister wee Sombori not tok true again? :grinning:


Put our Iwobi, Moses, Mikel, etc, there joor.

I will tell Buhari that you are not patriotic.


Bubu might even ask you the meaning of patriotic :joy:, so don’t bother going to him…

I promise to add their photos, if they beat Croatia :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Messi misses a penalty OMG! :grimacing::scream:


Today’s scores.
France 2 -1 Australia
Argentina 1-1 Iceland
Peru 0 -1 Denmark
Croatia 2 - 0 Nigeria

Nigeria :nigeria: did amazingly well, just 2 nil :joy:


The reason behind Nigeria’s loss yesterday :point_down:




Ho Mai Gawd!


2 fine 0 :joy: clean sarcasm.


Today’s fixtures

Costa Rica vs Serbia 13:00
Germany vs Mexico 16:00
Brazil vs Switzerland 19:00

I predict a win for for Germany, Brazil and Serbia. :sunglasses:


This laughter is more than the joke oh.
Me I sha know it is a fake laughter. :joy: