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Oh yes they did. Belgium braced up after the first half. They immediately went from nil to being the winner.


From 2-0 in 70mins to 3-2. This could have been Nigeria, but our Super Eagles no dey sharp like that. Belgium played like they were playing for premier league.


Today’s fixtures 03-07

Sweden :sweden: vs Switzerland :switzerland: 15:00
Colombia :colombia: vs England :uk: 19:00


Today’s scores 03-07

Sweden :sweden: 1 vs 0 Switzerland :switzerland:
Colombia :colombia: 1 vs 1 England :uk: (3-4 on penalties)

Colombia really disappointed me tonight, after making marvelous effort to qualify for the quarter finals, they threw their chance away so easily. :unamused:


England almost disappointed me, but thank God those two Colombians missed the penalties.

With the way England was playing tonight, I may just decamp to avoid heartbreak when they play with Sweden on Sunday.


Mira England fan, Issorait… I’d say that match till the 90th minute was the most boring of all matches yet played. Colombia spiced it up with their equalizer at 93 mins, taken it up to extra 30 mins till the penalties stage with an English missing a penalty, they really had every reason to win. Serves them right anyway. :smirk:


Sadly, I missed the match.

For me, the main World Cup starts properly on Friday.


It would be world news for weeks if England wins the world cup,…I don’t think they have what it takes to beat Belgium, France or Brazil if they happen to meet in the final…let’s just see how it goes


My dear, I doubt if the England that played against Colombia yesterday, has what it takes to win this World Cup. Well, since this World Cup is the most unpredictable World Cup, my fingers are crossed. I’m not predicting anything.


Can you imagine I placed a bet in favour of Colombia … :woman_facepalming:t5:


Sorry you lost…but still don’t bet on England, they are unpredictable


It pained me … First one betting and this happens … People are here putting in 200 shillings and winning 200 million … Yet see my life :woman_facepalming:t5:


We are back… Who are the last four…

FIFA WORLD CUP 2018 Quarter Finalist Amazing Facts:

FRANCE has 6 letters &
URUGUAY has 7 letters

BRAZIL has 6 letters &
BELGIUM has 7 letters

SWEDEN has 6 letters &
ENGLAND has 7 letters

RUSSIA has 6 letters &
CROATIA has 7 letters

Dates : 6 & 7 July

6 vs 7


Today’s fixtures 06-07

Uruguay :uruguay: vs France :fr: 15:00
Brazil :brazil: vs Belgium :belgium: 19:00

I predict France and Belgium makes it to the semi finals.


Who is watching the match? I heard France is leading by two goals. Too bad I’m not watching it :sob::sob:


I am watching ooo… Yes France is leading 2-0 Varene and Griezmann scored the goals. :no_good_woman: my boys are hot!




France just helped me kick out the team that kicked out my GOAT. Nollywood should act, FRANCE, THE AVENGERS.


Uruguay undeniably came to the world Cup with an incredible team, they took a clean 9 points in the group stage without conceding a goal; notwithstanding, France :fr: came with a team that’s a bit better than incredible, so Uruguay had to go home.

It seems it’ll be just as I predicted, 'cause it’s 70 minutes into the Brazil :brazil: Belgium :belgium: match and Belgium is leading with 2⃣ goals.


Its Brazil 1 - Belgium 2…game on