World cup, russia 2018 fixtures, highlights, scores & statistics


Yaay!! Awesome matches today!!
Remind me again…why do we beef Brazil? :joy:
Our hate for Argentina is everlasting!!

First time Brazil, Argentina and Germany aren’t in the World Cup finals


Today’s scores 06-07

Uruguay :uruguay: 0 vs 2 France :fr:
Brazil :brazil: 1 vs 2 Belgium :belgium:

Today matches sweet my belle wellu wellu :joy::wine_glass:


Issa surprising world cup oh




Today’s fixtures 07-07
Sweden vs England 15:00
Russia vs Croatia 19:00

England is already killing Sweden 2 goals to nothing, and I hoped Sweden would take them out. :unamused: Issorait.


:grinning: Neymar na only you waka come? :joy::joy::joy:


This is funny…lmao


Neymar the actor.


Today’s scores 07-07
Sweden 0 vs England 2
Russia 2 vs 2 Croatia (3-4 on penalties)

What a match tonight! So damn thrilling.


Very thrilling… Knew Russia would equalize but not going through to the next round


Today’s fixture 10-07
France :fr: vs Belgium :belgium: 19:00

The semi-finals are here, a powerful game we have tonight, this one is clearly unpredictable, but I still choose France. :grinning:


Its hard to choose, may the best team win


Yet again, we’re rooting firmly for France.


And that best team is France :grinning:

Yeah yeah, and they did not disappoint at all. :no_good_woman:


Today’s score 10-07

France :fr: 1 vs 0 Belgium :belgium:


Today’s fixture 11-07

Croatia :croatia: vs England :uk: 19:00

I am totally supporting Croatia, it has to be a France, Croatia final. :no_good_woman:


A fan of modric, but looks like a win for England :England:


I love Rakitic and Modric, those midfielders are amazing, England doesn’t stand a chance; I’m even amazed as to how England got this far with their boring and insipid play. :kissing_cat:


This match is so rough. I now fear for Croatia.


Fear not, perisic has brought an equalizer, let’s keep hope alive, England will go :no_good_woman::sunglasses: