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Hahaha… It happened just as I said :joy:, despite all odds against Croatia, they still won. :no_good_woman::clap:


Yasss bro! Croatia made it… Aww, victory is so sweet.


Your prediction game is so tight! They can now lose to France on Sunday :joy::joy:


Lolz :joy:, your head dey dia… Notwithstanding, I love the two teams like my siblings :grinning: therefore, I’d be happy whichever takes the cup; 'cause France has won the Cup once(1998) but Croatia is yet to lift it.


Yeah you’re right. Both countries have really given this World Cup their best.


France all the way…am amazed how Croatia fought their way back and won the game…England nah mouth them get…rubbish ppl


You know this. It is for this singular reason that I really wanted Croatia to win. I hope they still lose to Belgium on Saturday :joy::joy::joy:


:grinning: They’re already losing, if Belgium keeps playing this good, in about twenty minutes the match ends, and England leaves without a medal. But I must commend them in this third place match, they’re feisty.


And that’s how Belgium sent England home.


Third place score 14-07

Belgium 2 vs 0 England

Today’s match was tasty :yum:… As Thomas Meunier kick started the belgian victory in the fourth minute, while the hazardous HAZARD :grinning: sealed it with a second goal in the 2nd half. Belgium showed England that they are no match at all, 'cause Belgium beat them both in the group stage and third place without conceding a goal ; that is clearly awesome and amazing. I shouldn’t forget the belgian defender with jersey no.2 Who made an excellent save today,OMG! that kind of saves cannot be found in super Eagles. :unamused::kissing_smiling_eyes::smirk::joy_cat:


True brother…
Its France all the way for the final


Finally the world cup is coming to an end today with the final match between France vs Croatia… With awesome records both team has, who would carry the day…
Am with France!!!


World Cup Finale has come! :no_good_woman::raised_hands:
France :fr: vs Croatia :croatia: is on.
France is winning with one goal, an own goal by Mandzukic. It’s a great match and I’m with both of them. :grin:


I’m with the winning team. Either of them.


It’s the 65th minute and France is showing herself to be invincible as they lead 4 goals to 1,I guess everyone would agree with me that France is taking the cup for the second time in no distant time. Could Croatia come back as usual? :scream:


World Cup Final score

France :fr: 4 vs 2 Croatia :croatia:

It ended so well, thumbs up to France, you guys deserve it :clap:. Croatia :croatia: y’all were incredible too :clap:.


Yassss!!! We did it! Congratulations France! Croatia was great also. They shouldn’t feel bad please.


I didn’t want this World Cup to end.


Hahaha… Really? :grin: but it has to, anyway it was damn thrilling, exciting and enjoyable.


Oh my world! Who watched the match on the FIF 1 Nigeria channel 223? The commentator is freaking hilarious…pidgin English :joy: