World cup, russia 2018 fixtures, highlights, scores & statistics


Whoever created this meme is a genius. :grinning::grinning::joy::joy:




Wrong prediction :joy::joy::joy:


My dear I was also wrong with Brazil, as they drew with Switzerland :switzerland:, simply amazing. Let me deliver all scores today sef.


lol… they drew like okro soup


Okay Zaddy. Zegist football analyst.


Today’s scores

Costa Rica 0 vs 1 Serbia :serbia:
Germany 0 vs 1 Mexico :mexico:
Brazil 1 vs 1 Switzerland :switzerland:

I had to add the flags of those that did well biko nu… With the astonishing play from both Mexico and Switzerland, I’d clearly state that just Nigeria and Saudi Arabia alone came unprepared. :unamused:


:joy::joy::joy: I think they drew like the ogbono soup I ate in the morning.


:joy::joy::joy: Be nice.


Oh my! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


LOL… Nigerian team does not need my niceness, they need cane, ‘akpako’ to be precise :joy:. They lost to Croatia, a team that was their bag of oxygen to survive in the group; now they would have to choke on Argentina :argentina: and Iceland :iceland:. Too bad!


You and words! :joy::joy:

Bag of Oxygen to survive :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Well said…they went for traditional wedding of Mikel obi…


Hehehe… Yes dear, some friends call me logophile. :grinning:

:joy::joy::joy:… Bro even though statistics shows that they are subject to losing the entire 9 points :joy:, I hope a miracle happens for them :smirk:


Today’s fixtures.

Sweden :sweden: vs Republic of Korea 13:00
Belgium :belgium: vs Panama :panama: 16:00
Tunisia :tunisia: vs England :uk: 19:00

I just hope Tunisia won’t join her 3 African counterparts( Egypt, Morocco and Nigeria) today in losing. :unamused::ok_woman:


Its a win for England, Belgium and a win draw for korea


You might just be right 'cause it’s the 55th minute now and it’s 0-0.


VAR is spoiling my prediction


It really spoilt it, notwithstanding South Korea played marvelously, but the winner takes it all.


Yes…and that was how I got 2/3 in my prediction…not bad Right… Its being a poor showing for Africa in the first round