World cup, russia 2018 fixtures, highlights, scores & statistics

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Today’s scores .

Sweden :sweden: 1 vs 0 Republic of Korea
Belgium :belgium: 3 vs 0 Panama :panama:
Tunisia :tunisia: 1 vs 2 England :uk:

Just as we may have expected, Tunisia :tunisia: joined her African counterparts in losing ; but at least they scored :joy:. Senegal :senegal: it’s now up to you to make Africa proud. :no_good_woman:


Fixtures 19-06

Colombia :colombia: vs Japan :jp: 13:00
Poland :poland: vs Senegal :senegal: 16:00
Russia :ru: vs Egypt :egypt: 19:00

Good luck to :senegal: and :egypt: :no_good_woman:

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Its official we have the 1st team to qualify and the 1st team to be knockout of the competition… So naija no carry last…

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Today’s Scores 19-06

Colombia :colombia: 1 vs 2 Japan :jp:
Poland :poland: 1 vs 2 Senegal :senegal:
Russia :ru: 3 vs 1 Egypt :egypt:

Amazing results today as the three unexpected teams won :grimacing:, the odds was in favour of colombia yet Japan won; Poland was looked upon to slaughter the only African team left in the losing spree but Senegal :senegal: astonishingly won. Egypt was the astonishment of the day for me, I couldn’t believe my eyes when 3 kinda unbelievable goals came rolling in, thereby securing the round of 16 for Russia.
Thumbs up Senegal! :senegal: you really made Africa proud. :raised_hands:


Morocco and Saudi Arabia to follow

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Yeah, yeah Morocco and Saudi Arabia are clearly leaving today, Morocco is already losing to Portugal. And cr7 is not smiling.

Today’s fixtures 21-06

Denmark :denmark: vs Australia :australia: 13:00
France :fr: vs Peru :peru: 16:00
Argentina :argentina: vs Croatia :croatia: 19:00 :no_good_woman:

Croatia!!! 3 : 0 Damn! that was bloody, they showed no Messi indeed :joy::joy::joy:, Ronaldo is the only GOAT mehn


Perfect line :joy: no messi

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Where are all those Barcelona fans
World best still remains CR7…its going to b 6- 5

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Today’s Scores 21-06

Denmark :denmark: 1 vs 1 Australia :australia:
France :fr: 1 vs 0 Peru :peru:
Argentina :argentina: 0 vs 3 Croatia :croatia:

What an astonishing game today by Croatia :croatia:, the 3 goals all scored in the 2nd half were beautiful. The Croatians were on fire with a lot of shots on target.


Asin eh… With plenty shots on target. That last goal was a funny one. Goalkeeper wasn’t even there again.

Messi vex comot after the match. I’m not sure he even shook anyone, and the camera/video guys just concentrated on him.


@CCbenji!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Nigeria must win Iceland today o… Our guys and Jerseys must reach semi finals.

I hope they learnt well from their match with Croatia though :roll_eyes:… Even if we pray, we can’t help them play the ball. They should better not misbehave today, because if they lose, then they are coming home like the Egyptians. 🤦

Naija all the way!! All the best to the Super Eagles! :raised_hands:

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So Messi is now a small humbled goat, :joy::joy::joy: Jilsux!!!

Today’s fixtures. :no_good_woman:

Brazil vs Costa Rica 13:00
Nigeria :nigeria: vs Iceland 16:00
Serbia vs Switzerland 19:00

Super Eagles, do make us proud :sunglasses:

Straight win for Brazil
Iceland and Nigeria - 3 goals but not clear who would win…
Switzerland win or draw

And a loss for Nigeria…

:yum:. Your consultantion wasn’t complete o

Meanwhile, see our adopted brother!!



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