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Yaaasssssss!!! Naija all the way!!


Yaaaay!! They didn’t let us down today. Let them not relax because of this small win oh.


What a lovely game today played by Super Eagles, it was more like Nigeria :nigeria: destroying Iceland :iceland: in the 2nd half both for dynamic play and goals; it made me reminisce yesterday’s destruction of Argentina by Croatia. So many unpredictable matches with astonishingly overwhelming results in this world Cup. :no_good_woman::grimacing::sunglasses:


They smashed the ice!! Actually we melted the ice…we can’t have all that melanin and solar energy go to waste now.


:grinning::grinning::grinning::joy::joy::joy: Issorait.


Yes o… They shouldn’t relax. We still have Argentina to play against.

Today, our Coach decided to have sense by putting Iheanacho and Musa in the 1st half.


Musa was simply professional and amazing this afternoon.


Today, my brother was like, “these Iceland players think Super Eagles eat indomie like them… They don’t know Nigerians eat eba.” :joy::joy:


Your brother was in the spirit! :grinning:


Yes dear my prediction about nigeria was wrong…am impressed, they need to stay motivated and not think its over…the world Cup just started…


Today’s fixtures 23-06 :no_good_woman:
Belgium :belgium: vs Tunisia :tunisia: 13:00
South Korea vs Mexico 16:00
Germany :de: vs Sweden :sweden: 19:00

Despite the unpredictability in this competition I’d say it’ll be a straight win for Belgium, Mexico and Germany.


Today’s scores 23-06

Belgium 5 vs 2 Tunisia
South Korea 1 vs 2 Mexico
Germany 2 vs 1 Sweden

Eden Hazard and Romelu Lakaku, the Belgian team mates did justice to grinding Tunisia scoring 2⃣ goals each.
South Korea played a nice game, they were a bit of a hard nut at the beginning but were later cracked by the impressive Mexicans.
Germany almost broke my heart having lost the first half to the Swedish team, and at the verge of losing 6⃣ points. I was impressed as Marco Reus scored an equalizer(1-1) few minutes into the 2nd half and Toni Kroos delivered their 3⃣ points by scoring @ the 90th minute. :raised_hands: And yaaaaaaeeeeeh my prediction on the 3 matches were all correct :kissing_heart::grinning:


Thank you for being our Zegist football analyst.


:sunglasses: You’re welcome dear, my pleasure. :no_good_woman:


Today’s fixtures 24-06

England vs Panama 13:00
Japan vs Senegal 16:00
Poland vs Colombia 19:00

We have unpredictable games today. 2 winners( Japan and Senegal) that won their first match, then we have Poland and Colombia that lost their first match, amazing so just England seems to be a straight win here 'cause they won their first while Panama lost woefully to Belgium :belgium: :grinning:.


Panama should just manage and score one goal. Haba! 5 - 0! I’m even feeling for them.


I take back my comment. They should not even bother again. 6 - 0!!! :joy::joy::joy:


Its a win or draw for Senegal, same with Colombia…England have already spelt Panama…


You are Evil!!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


They finally heard your plea at the 78th minute :joy:. But England is “weeked”. :no_good_woman: