World cup, russia 2018 fixtures, highlights, scores & statistics

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As in.
My second country and defending champs will just go home like that?
That 2nd goal was… :hugs:


Very very :joy::joy::joy:

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Today’s Scores 24-06

England 6 vs 1 Panama
Japan 2 vs 2 Senegal
Poland 0 vs 3 Colombia

Impressive games today, Poland is clearly a sore loser, having conceded 3 goals in both first and second matches. :smirk:


Was dope…was like the hit

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Today’s fixtures 25-06

Uruguay :uruguay: vs Russia :ru: 15:00
Saudi Arabia vs Egypt 15:00
Spain :es: vs Morocco :morocco: 19:00
Iran :iran: vs Portugal :portugal: 19:00

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Win or draw- Russia
Win- Egypt
Spain to win
Win or draw- Portugal

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Saudi Arabia Vs Egypt :joy::joy:

This match is a funny one, because the both teams are going home.

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It’s crazily funny @Mira I call them Bonus teams :joy: .

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Abeg o. We need multiple miracles like this in our next match.

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Your predictions today is going super sideways :grinning:, seeing that the goal poaching Russia has just been given their own drug, losing 3-0 to Uruguay ; also Egypt lost to Saudi, making them lose 9 points! What a bonus team they are.

Against us or for us

Don’t mind silly Egyptians, they couldn’t even play for a draw…ordinary Saudi even beat them…nah wah

Today’s scores 25-06

Uruguay :uruguay: 3 vs 0 Russia :ru:
Saudi Arabia 2 vs 1 Egypt
Spain :es: 2 vs 2 Morocco :morocco:
Iran :iran: 1 vs 1 Portugal :portugal:

Today’s matches were just so feisty. :no_good_woman:

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I thought @Enigma or @Echelon would have written something about today’s match.

It’s 9am guys😂


Sure we would…nice you are enjoying the world cup


Today’s fixtures 26-06

Australia :australia: y: vs Peru :peru: 15:00
Denmark :denmark: vs France :fr: 15:00
Iceland :iceland: vs Croatia :croatia: 19:00
Argentina :argentina: vs Nigeria :nigeria: 19:00


Today’s fixture isn’t ordinary because it has our own Eagles…
Today am putting my money on our eagles…am with them all the way…

Its a win or draw for Australia
Win for France
Win or draw for Croatia
And a win or draw for Nigeria which would see us to the next round


A draw for France :fr:
A win for Australia :australia:
A win for Croatia :croatia:
A draw for Nigeria :nigeria:.

N.B I wish Nigeria would destroy Argentina :argentina: but za Oracle is saying a draw. :grin:

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What time is our match?