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Bro I just pray we qualify


Yes bro,it would have been a sure win for Nigeria if not that Messi that stated he won’t play their third match due to his disappointment with his coach and team mates, suddenly changed his mind(took part in their training after Nigeria beat Iceland), also took it upon himself to select players for tonight’s match. Notwithstanding, we can get a draw, and if they lose guard we’d win. :no_good_woman:


Lol… He has not come to play.

We will qualify, Messi or not. I guess the Super Eagles are also ready for tonight.


Hmmm “picking the team”…bro u r scaring me now…abeg make I go eat night food first…pls by 9pm, kindly check on me biko…hmmmm
Gosh my BP


lol… wetin do your bp?


You can read it up here, Messi has taken the match personal. :joy:


Choi! :ok_woman::joy:

We will still qualify shaa


Now you can relate to what will happen to my BP…lolz


Bookmakers have given it to nigeria


Hahaha… They must be seers. :joy:


And that is how I stopped caring about the World Cup😪.

I only wished it wasn’t us Argentina used to shine🤦


This was quite painful though :cry:

Welcome home boys. We love you.


Nigerians are quiet tonight. :joy::joy:


Quiet, but still mischievous


lol… I saw that earlier


I love my country jare. Naija all the way! :raised_hands:

This game was totally a defense game, and the Super Eagles were under enough pressure. They tried.

If you want Ighalo’s number, come and collect it. :joy::joy:


Today’s scores 26-06

Australia :australia: 0 vs 2 Peru :peru:
Denmark :denmark: 0 vs 0 France :fr:
Iceland :iceland: 1 vs Croatia 2 :croatia:
Argentina :argentina: 2 vs Nigeria 1 :nigeria:


Iheanacho, Ighalo and Ndidi ate clean goal opportunities, the Eagles were silly to have lost a game they had every reason and chance to win, even a lousy draw seemed too much for them :smirk:.


World Cup continues with or without the Eagles, I’m not just a lover of Nigerian football, I’m a lover of good football. I am yearning to see what Croatia :croatia: and Uruguay :uruguay: the 9 pointers that destroyed all their opposition will do in the round of 16; these guys are no jokers or opportunity wasters like Super Eagles. Fixtures of today coming up! :no_good_woman: @Echelon Plix I hope you’re alright, kindly not take Nigeria’s unexpected yet lousy exit to heart.