World cup, russia 2018 fixtures, highlights, scores & statistics

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Today’s fixtures 27-06

South Korea vs Germany 15:00
Mexico vs Sweden 15:00
Serbia vs Brazil 19:00
Switzerland vs Costa Rica 19:00

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Lol… @Echelon, cheer up. It’s just a match, and the Eagles will still be paid, regardless.

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Thanks bro…am fine just when u don’t give them a chance, they surprise u and when u put ur all on them, the fall ur hand…abeg make dem go…


Thanks @Mira, am just done with Nigeria football…

A little reminder @Echelon
Give it another 4 years. Maybe Dry bones would rise again.


@Bobo sorry but a thousand of this would do no good…abeg…


Bro it’s not just about Nigeria being kicked out so early but about who did it ; an age long insolent and disparaging opponent called Argentina :smiling_imp:.

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It is unbelievable that South Korea has just beaten Germany :de:, the defending champion is clearly out of the world Cup. :grimacing:


Today’s scores 27-06

South Korea 2 vs 0 Germany
Mexico 0 vs Sweden 3
Serbia 0 vs 2 Brazil
Switzerland 2 vs 2 Costa Rica.

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Yeah bro…its so sad, was tipping them to go very far

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Today’s fixtures

Japan :jp: vs Poland :poland: 15:00
Senegal :senegal: vs Colombia :colombia: 15:00
England vs Belgium :belgium: 19:00
Panama :panama: vs Tunisia :tunisia: 19:00

All the best to Senegal, Tunisia is out already.


I’m officially not watching any match in this world cup again. The two countries I’m supporting are out.
E go be!

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Nigeria and which country? :joy:

Germany :cry::disappointed_relieved:


Lol… Panama and Tunisia equals Saudi Arabia and Egypt. If you know, you know.


Didn’t you see that coming? I shaa knew they may likely go home early. Pele, you hear?

A win or draw for Japan
Wish Senegal would qualify but I am scared…
Belgium vs England- mere formality…same with panama vs Tunisia but a win for Tunisia

I know that feeling

Today’s scores 28-06

Japan :jp: 0 vs 1 Poland :poland:
Senegal :senegal: 0 vs 1 Colombia :colombia:
England 0 vs 1 Belgium :belgium:
Panama :panama: 1 vs 2 Tunisia :tunisia:

We had the same love, I always took Germany as my real team, then Nigeria follows; since they’re both out, my love goes to Croatia( Rakitic and Modric are two midfielders that could inspire you to love them) and Uruguay, they both are on fire, not only did they grab 9 points, they played like deserving champions unlike the Eagles that are good at joking with opportunities.