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It seems yellow cards or something similar took them out, because they had same points, same goal for, same goal against with Japan.


Yea Yellow card took them out…its a pity all African representative are out…let’s see how the round of 16 turns out.


Today’s fixtures 30-06

France :fr: vs Argentina :argentina: 15:00
Uruguay :uruguay: vs Portugal :portugal: 19:00

After a day’s break, the FIFA world Cup is back with more thrill today as we commence the round of 16, where our “enemy” and bully :grin: are kick starting it with the French team.


May the better team win


No dear, this is not a day for that quote as far as my friends and I are concerned, we are supporting France, France :fr: must win. :no_good_woman::grinning:


And they did it!!! Thank you Mbappe!! Thank you France. Byeee ya Argentina.


And this is how the Lord will raise a France to defeat all our enemies. Amem people :joy::joy:


Every disappointment is truly a blessing in disguise. Just imagine what the scoreline would have been if it was France against Nigeria? We dodge am :joy::joy::joy:



Nigerians can beef.
Everyone’s rejoicing


Lolz… My dear this is not a beef something, Issa “chicken” matter. The Argentines did not only beat Nigeria with their weaker team, they insulted the Eagles big time before and during the match, Maradona their ex national even got rebuked by FIFA for giving naija fans “middle finger”.


Crazy dude.
I was so glad he was cautioned.


What a day, so I watched France vs Argentina with my family and I must say it was awesome…
Come and see “Operation Argentina must go” except for my brother who wanted Argentina to win but God of soccer answered our prayer…come n see my mum jubilating and my dad shouting goal…couldn’t help but laff at messi…a beautiful sight…
Its a pity my CR7 is going home…France all the way


No be small thing jare, I felt good when the final whistle was blown, besides the match was more like mockery on Argentina as the likes of Mbappe and Griezmann kept bombing them with shots on target and marvelous play.
I also supported Portugal, even though I knew that the Uruguayan team is tougher, just like Croatia and Belgium. These 9 pointers from the group stage would hardly lose their game in this round of 16.


Today’s scores 30-06

France :fr: 4 vs 3 Argentina :argentina:
Uruguay :uruguay: 2 vs 1 Portugal :portugal:

Amazing games today. I enjoyed them.


Well said enigma, but you know Uruguay would play France next and would not find it easy.


It’s going to be a tough match.


Today’s fixtures 01-07

Spain :es: vs Russia :ru: 15:00
Croatia :croatia: vs Denmark :denmark: 17:00

I predict a win for Croatia and Spain.


Sure, the quarter finals will be a different ball game, a team like France, with the likes of pogba, Mbappe and Griezmann, Uruguay might just have to kiss the cup goodbye.


Its game on… :Spain: 1 vs :Russia: 1


Yes bro, let’s see if the Russians could possibly stop the mighty spaniards. :grinning: