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And they did…the mighty Spanish have fallen… What a world cup


With just few minutes into the game, we already have a scoreline of Croatia: 1 vs Denmark: 1


This world cup is just funny ehn. The mighty just dey fall out.


It’s clearly an astonishing world cup, where underrated teams are staying put as the mighty ones fall like a pack of cards.


The match between Croatia and Denmark was a very tough and intense one. The goal keepers of both countries were :fire::fire::fire::fire:


Today’s scores 01-07

Spain :es: 1 vs 1 Russia :ru: (3 - 4 on penalties)
Croatia :croatia: 1 vs 1 Denmark :denmark: (3-2 on penalties). Therefore, Russia and Croatia are into the quarter finals. :no_good_woman:

They were indeed as hot as fire.


They played for 1hour plus…when I checked it was 1hr 18mins, I was like ha! These Croatian team no wan gree oh


I tell you. :joy::joy::joy:


Today’s fixtures 02-07

Brazil :brazil: vs Mexico :mexico: 15:00
Belgium :belgium: vs Japan :jp: 19:00

The first match may end as a draw, but Belgium is having a straight win. :no_good_woman::grinning:


The small teams have a game plan, defend with all you have and caught ur opponent on counter and if u can’t beat them in regular 90mins, take them to penalty and finish it off…kudos to these so called small teams…


Its should be a win for Brazil and Belgium but with what is happening in now, can’t stick my head for any team


Didn’t watch the match… I missed


This World cup is just unbelievable. It looks like we’re going to bid goodbye to Belgium this night.


I love the faith of these Japan players. They didn’t allow the fear of losing stop them from giving this match their all and even more.


Belgium just scored their first goal. Let’s hope they get to equalize with Japan before the match ends (less than 20 minutes from now)


I think Belgium just heard me. Thank you Fellaini for scoring that beautiful head goal.

@enigma your boys are coming up now :joy::joy:


Awwww… Belgium just scored their third goal four minutes into the additional time. The match is over and Japan is going home.

It looks like Shoji and Yoshida are about to cry.


Alright, I’m off to being useful to myself :joy::joy:


I knew they won’t disappoint me, though they almost did. :joy:

I clearly missed out on the fantastic moments in today’s matches, thanks to a super hectic day :smirk: . @Kachie from your reviews I can surmise that Japan gave Belgium a thrilling play.


Today’s scores 02-07

Brazil :brazil: 2 vs 0 Mexico :mexico:
Belgium :belgium: 3 vs 2 Japan :jp: