Would You Abort Your Baby Once You Find Out He/She With Down Syndrome?


With technological improvements, pregnant women can now check the health condition of the child they’re carrying.

There’s a bill in America that if passed, would penalize doctors for performing abortions on pregnant women who received a positive test that their baby will have Down syndrome. They’ve argued that the life of a child living with Down’s syndrome is as valuable as everyone else.

As a pregnant woman who finds out the baby in her womb will have to live with Down syndrome, would you choose to abort the baby?

Is aborting the child justifiable in this situation?

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I’m not sure how serious down syndrome is but it seems a tiny bit evil to abort a baby for having a predetermined disease.


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Hmmmm I really don’t know mehnnn…

I have experienced a similar situation …Indirectly though…

A very close family friend who is a nurse was asked to allow her baby “go" “at the point of birth” and even few months before due date, so it would be recorded as miscarriage” or complication or whatever name they intend to call it.

The doctors noticed the child will most definitely have an abnormal growth … down’s too so they asked the “mother” who was a nurse at the same hospital to let the child go.She refused.

By the way, the child is about 8 now … He didn’t walk when he was meant to walk, he didn’t talk when he was meant to talk…

Presently he can’t talk or walk properly, he has gone overseas several times for treatment now his folks have finally relocated abroad cos the environment is more conducive for him to grow…

I really wish I could ask her if she has any regret … If she could turn back the hand of time, will she still say NO and keep the baby?

Motherhood is serious business mehnnn. It is very difficult to make a decision like that… sighs


I imagine she’ll say no.


Firstly o, I will stop assuming such abeg. I pray God doesn’t allow me to be in such a situation that I have to choose letting go or not.

Secondly, just like @Drew said, "motherhood is a serious business… it is very difficult to make a decision like that. "


This is a difficult question…I would like to think of myself as a fine woman who wouldn’t do something this evil…but last last I wouldn’t judge anyone who does this…


This is very difficult to decide. I am not sure of what my decision will be if faced with this but honestly, it is not easy to say yes.

I recently visited a Downs syndrome home and the lead at the centre mentioned how it is very expensive to find teachers who can teach them, and how they have to dedicate a teacher to just 5 kids with Downs syndrome.

Those kids go thru a whole lot especially in this cold world with people alienating you for the smallest reason.

The question is similar for people with SS genotype. They go thru a lot of stress living with crisis from time to time. A lot of them thay survive childhood then find it difficult to get married like their peers.


Good for a topic :ok_hand:.

Sometimes I wonder who will get married to those with SS genotype, since AS and AS ain’t even adviced medically to get married. :thinking:


Well, any ignorant person WILL abort the baby. Someone who is actually well informed will understand that down syndrome simply means the child is wired differently in the sense that if people normally learn Alphabets before they learn numbers, the child is likely going to learn both together. What a child leaving with down syndrome needs is special care and training. Here are some facts about people with down syndrome.


Individuals with AA can marry AS, SS individuals.


Doctor Nonso :wink:

Oya wait let me create a thread for that. I want to know more about it.


Okay, in a Nigerian context, it is a hard choice to make, sincerely. But, I know a lot of persons who are not officially diagnosed with down syndrome but still have to go through the social, emotional and psychological struggles you mentioned.

As a Parent, you can learn tips on how to raise your child with down syndrome here or here and get to work raising an emotionally intelligent child, who just happens to have down syndrome. I


Okay, I’d look out for it.


Easier said mehn. I wouldn’t even wish it on my enemy. This life is hard enough. Even those without down syndrome suffer from societal vices, especially in our third world country where a light skinned person is preferred to a dark skinned person. Ours is even worse than racism.


True. But in a situation where ‘the deed has been done’, would you rather abort? I won’t. Tough choice, but I made the decision a long time ago.


Either decision, to keep or not to keep requires courage and strength. I wouldn’t fault anyone that decides to keep or abort.
And because you made the decision doesn’t mean others should too.


Fair enough.


Let me be an African on this one, in my family tree there’s no down syndrome, I’d marry a beauty that has no down syndrome in her family tree :grinning:, so you know how it ends, I won’t have that headache ; @Judy said it already, this life is hard enough :joy:.