Would you allow your wife do this?

This is for the men. If your wife can cook but doesn’t like to cook, would you allow your wife employ a personal chef to be preparing meals for you and the family?

Alternatively, would you mind doing the meal preparations while she washes the dishes?

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If she doesn’t want to, another woman will help her out ni… If she doesn’t like to cook, she should be taught or possibly watch youtube videos to help her out… The husband can help as often as he can, but she should know its her duty too…

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Sorry …a big NO…funny enof I don’t play with my stomach…


If I can work as a man but don’t like to work, am I allowed to look for someone who will be providing for us (my wife and I)?



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Is a queshon na. You can laugh for Africa jor


Since she can cook, Sure I wont mind assisting with the little I can if we are both at home - dependent of my schedule as well.

Rather than bring in a 3rd person, I may prefer a closer relative of hers or mine.


I feel there are no rules to these things.

Anything that works for you and your spouse. She can cook, she just doesn’t like to…
It’s no biggie , she might decide to pay the chef or whoever will be taken care of the dishes. Case settled. Communication and Understanding is key.

There are months I attend to the meals all through, there are months I don’t cook anything.
It doesn’t mean I don’t know how to. I am just on break or would rather eat someone else’s cooking.
Cos really what is this “wife material” struggle for? The man that will cheat will cheat…the one that will misbehave … will misbehave…Basically.

By the way, I am a sucker for men that cook though. I find it extremely sexy.


Sorry I’m late to this… Yeah I will but I’ll ask my wife “Imagine what your world would be like if your child starts comparing Mumsy’s indomie to Aunty Kudi’s Indomie” example… “No Mummy don’t worry, I like Aunty Kudi’s indomie…”


Abeg, employ who? I can cook naa, how i take survive University when “cooler ministry” was a NO for me… I’ll cook when i can, and she will cook when she can, and we will eat out or order when we can and las las, when we can’t do any of the above, we will drink our faithful “garrium oxide” with nuts and the available…


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: You’re just not too well…


A man can have a company or business where people are working for him and generating income for him to provide for his family. He may not be actively working but supervising and managing the business.


Cool guy :slight_smile:

Well said

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WTF…She can cook but does not like that cook,abeg that won no be wife at all,what is her work is it not to cook,take care of th children and do some small things

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You sound like those guys that believe a woman belongs to the kitchen, bedroom and the other room. Am I right?


No!!! Once you get married,where do you think most of your(wife) job is?

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Yes sister!! I really don’t think we were placed on earth to get into marriage just to be chefs and dishwashers .


You tell me. Where is the wife’s job?

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Normally! You have your professional job but where you are needed most is at home

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