Would You Be Upset if Your Child Came Out as Transgender?

How would you react if your child comes in and say "Mama/Papa I want to become a girl or I want to become a boy? Would you be very upset or very supportive to a transgender kid?

YES, …very very YES

I won’t condone it, but rather than get all upset about it I’ll explain to the child that I have a duty to protect him/her from himself/herself until he/she turns 18.

Parenting by democracy no dey apply for me o!


@eazeaque yinmu, easier said than done. You better say the truth now as we no know which angel they pass oo :angel:. As for me, I would be very upset and will like to understand why the child intends to be inclined with that sexuality. I don’t pray for such and I don’t want to even think of the possibility cos it’s not of God :worried:, not forming spirituality here tho.


You guys are quite hillarious! Condone What? In the first place, i won’t even give environs for that. Issues like this must be treated the african way “Beat the nonsense outta the kid”. Honestly, did you think some of our uncles, parents and their likes didn’t have the LGBT tendecies, especially as most of them attented boarding school? They did, but somebody beat the “Shit” outta them and here we have great guys. And after the beating, take him spiritual… And even after they turn 18 gann, them no go wan try!


Question, was that child beaten well growing up? no offence but some demons no need deliverance. beta pako go reset am to default settings.


@theoneIke You can say that AGAIN!:clap:

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you probably got me wrong there…the question is “would you be upset if your child came out as transgender” and my answer was “YES, …very very YES” i.e yes i would be upset, very, very yes i would be upset…i’m a muslim and no such orientation is permitted in my religion/faith and besides morally, i see it rather as a form mental illness, if the person happens to be in between the 2 sex i.e. hermaphrodite, then it is a different case, the person may have to choose the one most convenient and reasonable for him/her…but you, a complete boy/girl telling me you feel more opposite of your real nature, so you want to change it…i will never accept that…“mo taka oshi danun”


@eazeaque now I understand you better my bros.

Lmao, what is a transgender?! I’m sleep biko.

I will not be upset. I will be very disturbed.


My Bible tells me

He created them male and female, and he blessed them and called them “human.” Gen 5:2 NLT

Anything outside that is NOT human. That shit is demonic if it’s biological at all!!!

Everyday I see more reasons why one of my cousins laid hand on his wife’s tummy everyday to bless the unborn baby. Some will say they are being religious, but I’ll say they are smart to be structuring and shielding the future of the child even when he’s yet to take his first step. And every Christian parent should do that.
Satanic manipulation is real…whether you believe it or not

@akinsanyajoseph, @joel, @drjekoyemi, @vividvictor & @jesseosiobe What’s your take on this?




It’s a spiritual thing! Get back into the Spirit realm to change the Child’s genetic code. You should never be angry because he doesn’t know what he is saying. A sweet book says when men slept the enemy came and sowed tares. So just the way it was sowed, don’t fret about it quietly reverse the process. Selah!


I will beat the demon out of that kid, serious beating. Who is with me on that?


(First of all, let me say a huge MFM “God forbid”!!!)

I would be upset , because I don’t support it at all, gender isn’t fluid, it’s pretty solid to me, if you’re born male, you ARE male. God don’t make mistakes and DNA doesn’t lie.
I would make it plain that I don’t like it and try my best to make the child understand and supportively help them get out of whatever demonic possession that is (yes its demonic, argue with your pastor :v:t5:)

But would I hate my child? No, never.


Since it a desire to want to be, i will ask to know why you want to be. I will not get upset just because you said you want to be and thereafter explain to you why it’s not cool.


My Sincere thoughts … Pa Aje


Even if you have to listen to the child, you still need to reset the child in 2 realms

Spiritual and Physical.

And of course I might not be angry but e go worry me…


Why won’t you be angry???