Would you date a virgin (Yes or No)


Would u date a virgin- yes or no. Tell us why.


A foolish virgin or a wise virgin?


what’s the difference between the two ?


hahahahahahaha… Please what is the difference o?


Please dudes in the house, i have a question:


Hello @pretyprexy, guys can be described as virgins.


Why? Please explain…


Why what?

Virgin /ˈvəːdʒɪn/ Noun.

  • a person who has never had sexual intercourse.
    "she’s still a virgin"
    synonyms: maiden, unmarried girl, maid, vestal virgin, chaste woman, celibate;

  • a person who is naive, innocent, or inexperienced in a particular context.
    “he’s a political virgin”

@pretyprexy how doesnt this affect both sexes?


Truth be told, I don’t care whether or not he has had a couple of sexual experiences in the past.

It’s the lady I’m getting married to, not her hymen.

Our previous sexual experiences are part of the issues we would definitely talk about while dating after we have reached a particular level of intimacy as that can hinder or enhance our sexual experience in marriage. If we discover a need for therapy, we can undergo it together.

cc @pretyprexy


Hehehehehehehe. Which one is “…and maybe @Kiitan and @amakaanne”? Virginity is not a medical term na?


Okay… I thought the “unbroken hymen” is what differentiates both sexes which is obviously found in only females…


hahahahahaa… But i know you are a wise woman too… contribute jare…




What kind of sexual need could involve going to see a therapist?


Hmmm… @pretyprexy

I am surprised at you oo… Now I see the reason why we built Zegist. People need to learn beyond school walls oo… How do you make “virgin” a synonym to “broken hymen”.


A previous forceful sexual encounter; rape, abuse or molestation.


I would date a virgin, I don’t think it is a problem at all.


Well, most of us grew up with that knowledge… Because its normal to see people say the moment you’ve broken your “flower”, then you’re no more a virgin…

Okay, how would you describe a lady who breaks her “hymen” through sports activities but has never had any sexual intercourse, is it safe to say she is still a virgin? Trust me, no guy or most guys won’t accept that…

Who agrees?


Okay. There are diff things I need to answer.
Would I date a virgin? Yes. Why? 'Cos a virgin is also a person. Inexperienced but still a person. If I fall in love with one, why not.
Concerning hymen, @pretyprexy, males do not have hymen only females do. And according to what medicine tells us, not all females have hymen (I don’t know how true that is :roll_eyes:)There’s no way to tell if a guy is or isn’t a virgin. You just know whatever they tell you. But for females, sometimes, one can medically tell if a woman has been or hasn’t been sexually active.


Okay i understand… But you clearly know society is quick to term a lady who is a virgin as “a very good girl”… Even if you tell your parents “she is a virgin o”, they would just assume “my son has brought a good wife home o”…

But i think this has been proven wrong tho…