Would you date a virgin (Yes or No)


Yes. as long as he is not “spirikoko” cos i really can’t deal with such people.


That is society’s cup of tea. She’s my wife, not society’s wife. As long as I want to marry her, whether she’s a virgin or not, we are good. And I don’t owe my parents an explanation of my wife’s previous sexual experience. It is between us (me and her)


DREW!!! :raised_hands:t4:

spirikoko = self-righteousness /sɛlfˈrʌɪtʃəsnəs/ noun
the quality or state of being self-righteous.
synonyms: sanctimoniousness, sanctimony, self-satisfaction, smugness, superiority, priggishness, complacency, piety, unctuousness, hypocrisy.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: The way you back up your replies with definitions and synonyms, is cracking me up…


Its social learning :joy:


That’s cos society attributes ‘sexual purity’ with ‘good character’. But it’s just fallacious. Fallacy that appeals to popular opinion.


Same here o…Definitely Yes… He can be “highly spiritual” for all i care but he should be “highly sexually active” too when he needs to be… I don’t have time for baby schooling :joy:

I remember someone saying he wants his wife to be a saint in the morning and porn star at night Who wants that too?


Yes, its our generation that discovered that tho…

Let’s not lie, our mothers were cheerleaders of “sexual purity = good character o”… If you return back home one day and you tell your mother you just had sex with your boyfriend, they will beat the hell out of you…


LOL! I think I just prefer someone that knows how to switch up real quick… From serious to unserious yarns, I don’t have energy to be explaining jokes and activities.


Hehehehehehehe. @pretyprexy, I am trying not to say anything too *** to your comments but you are making it damnnnn hard not to :rofl:
Are you sure you won’t be the one who needs the ‘baby schooling’???



Okay, I’m going to call all of you out again with this question:

  • At what age would you be okay if your daughter tells you or you over-hear her telling her friend on the phone that she is going out to meet her boyfriend and they would be having sex today? At what age would you hear or let her go and have her freedom?

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hahahahahahahahaha… Who knows? We’re never too old to keep learning… :joy::joy::joy::joy:




:rofl: @evansakanno sef seems to agree with me


To answer the first question: I would date a virgin. I would one because I am in love with the person, the rest can be worked on with time.

To answer the queston: I would not allow my daughter to have sex until she is married. I would counsel, teach and be her friend for her to trust my teachings and leadings enough not to do such. However, when she is of certain, she can decide to have sex without my consent. Most importantly, if I were to decide, my answer would be NO.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Why will he @evansakanno not agree? Anything that involves yabbing @pretyprexy gives him joy… :joy::joy::joy::joy:


@pretyprexy I am only trying to bring out the best in you




That’s why you’re my favorite boss… :joy: