Would you date a virgin (Yes or No)


@boluakindele come out of that bush and coman answer… Don’t run away…


No age at all. My daughter even when she’s 50 will always be my baby girl. The thought of her with a man will always make me cringe. It’s a fatherhood thing.


It is not okay at any age. I don’t want to even hear it BUT let’s be realistic… If she is above 21, I will call her up and advise her.

The truth is I intend to be a very open minded parent because I feel acting all strict might not help in situations like that. So there will be a balance.

Ehmmm I don’t know what this means
From my uni days I had the freedom to do what I like, just had a few rules . I would apply same to my children.


Date a Virgin? yes, Date a Virgined? yes. It adds nothing.Diff things could’ve happened. As per hymen and no hymen @pretyprexy and @Kiitan already made a point. Some hymen are weak and could be damaged during rigorous activities (Its what I read o, I don’t study hymen)

As per what I’ll say if she tells me she wanna have sex with her bf. I’ll jxt go all lasisi on her; Are you mad? Does your boyfriend want God to punish him? If you get pregnant, will he marry you and take responsibility??? Okay I know that was too much lol! BT the point is its serious heart to heart talk menh. Get married abeg or you guys shld jxt be ready to responsible for your actions.


If the sense of virginity means the presence of hymen, then no guy is a virgin. But this sense is somewhat narrow because the anatomy of male and female differ and males can’t just have hymens.

If the sense of virginity means not having had sexual congress, then anyone, male or female who has not farmed is a virgin. Even ladies without hymens who have met this condition are virgins


Hehehehehehehe. It’s kinda funny to know the possible reactions of you guys, most of you saying she (your daughters) should better be married before thinking of sex. And na una go talk for other posts say sex is part of life and an unmarried lady can choose to have sex if she wants it. This life ehn. E reach una daughters own na, una wan dey speak ‘unknown’ language :joy:


Yes… Just like any Nigerian parent would do…


The one reduces her whole being to her being a virgin


Lol! She Shld sha be ready to face the responsibilities.


hahahahahahaha… My thoughts exactly, Seriously…
They would sey sex before marriage is the main thing and now, they would protect their daughters… If the fathers had hidden their daughters nko? :woman_shrugging:
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:joy: you people should calm down o. I work with my own Conviction. I won’t do to another man’s daughter what I won’t allow for my daughter. Cos karma has a way of coming back to hunt peeps menh. If a guy dishonours a lady, somehow somehow, he’ll get the repercussions.


Abi na…


The matter be say when I was a youth, I spoke and thought and reasoned as a youth. But when I grew up & became a father, I put away youthful things. I become protective & conservative like a father would


Lol! Baba have turn the tides o


I can date a virgin, I’ve dated at least 2 virgins. Celibacy is not impossible for me.




Oshey!! Gbayii!

:rofl::rofl: I don’t agree o. She is still a Virgin… abeg, how do we certify that a guy is a virgin? :thinking::thinking:

:heart_eyes::kissing_heart:[quote=“pretyprexy, post:28, topic:4939”]
he wants his wife to be a saint in the morning and porn star at night

:open_mouth::roll_eyes: So somebody will not sleep again abi, as if somebody doesn’t have work in the morning sef…

lol… At the age she is fit to handle herself and her responsibilities. From the conversation,it’s sure not her first time, so she should carry on jawe although my daughter won’t be like that naa:rofl::grin:

Can we now say that the guys who are sleeping around with ladies are fulfilling the law of karma on the lady’s father? :thinking::thinking:

Who goes out asking if you are a virgin? Guess nobody does, so if she is a virgin or not. It doesn’t change the status quo that she captured my heart. So i date persons not their status jawe.


Oh,… That’s another way to look at it…


For those who care to know, @NaijaLander is putting out there :grinning::grinning: