Would you date a virgin (Yes or No)




Why should you tell your parents she’s a virgin? The issue of one being a virgin or not is a private matter to be kept between the man and woman only. It is no other person’s business


A virgin is someone who has never had sexual intercourse. The hymen may be broken through sports or absent as in males. The most important thing is not the breaking of the hymen afterall some people claim that not all hymens break during the first sexual encounter.

If her hymen breaks through sports then she may be considered as a virgin in my own opinion. As long as she has never had sex.

Whether the man believe that she is a virgin or not is not an issue. The most important thing is that her husband believes her. If he doesn’t then why marry her? Why marry a man who doesn’t believe what you say?


Everyone is just blowing big grammar on zegist dis days or is it xmas fever


:joy: :rofl: :joy: Honestly, the people who are trying to fall my hand in this English department shouldn’t even be the ones falling my hand. As @oluwakemisola don join now my leg sef too don join the fall :sob:! instead of saying everyone is blowing big grammar kuku say I am the one blowing the big grammar na :rofl: (fallacy, fallacious, micturate) They are regular words that just sound complicated jere :grin:


My dear continue, I thank God for data and google


The only one wey I no sabi na micturate because na medical term and I no go medical school. So u for just use piss,wewe or urinate wey all of us sabi jeje to avoid all these kine things.


Hehehehehehehe. @Judy, micturate is an English word na. Oya weewee, piss, urinate :joy: Thank God you you sha sabi fallacy and fallacious


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Lol…@kiitan I tire o. Guys be talking about sexual liberalism because they want to knack another person’s daughter but suddenly tilt towards sexual purity when it involves their daughter.

I once told someone about how early I’ll start educating my children sexually (age 4) and she shouted that it was too early. I talked about advicing my children on practising safe sex if they ever find themselves in such position and she screamed. Truth is, human beings understand love from infancy and as they tend to grow want to be wanted (in every sense of the word), so why lie to ourselves when we can simply show them the right way to go. The choice will always remain theirs to make regardless of how strict you are as a parent.


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Yeah! I always say this…! Instead of threatening to kill them and filling their minds with fear of sex, i will teach them the advantages of staying pure as well as the right way to practice safe sex. If we don’t teach them, they might hear it from their peers.