Would You Quit Your Job?

There are cases where a woman has to quit her job.

  1. One of such cases is in the case of long distance relationship or marriage and she has to quit her job to relocate to where her husband lives. Some people would suggest that she gets a job first where her husband is before quitting her old job. What do you think? Should she quit her job and relocate even if she hasn’t gotten a new job?

  2. Another instance where a woman has to quit her job is when she starts having children. Her husband, in-laws or others may advice her to quit her job to stay at home and take care of the children and start working again after the children are grown.

Can you quit your job to be a housewife or stay-at-home mum until your children are grown?

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Well, depends on the kind of job… but then what if the new job you’re pursuing in the new place takes about a year to click, would you stay far away from le-hub? Anyways. i think i might relocate and start searching from the new state rather than stay back… Infact, i don’t know! Lets get there first… We will both work it out!

No! No! No! I won’t…I could afford to do that for the first 1-2 years only if i can work from home… but to resign to be an housewife till they are grown? Biko… My goal in life is not to get married and give birth only… Things needs to be done… I have goals to achieve… As i chase them, i will give all my best to raising my kids…


I’ve vowed never to do this no matter what happened. My mum had to do this in order for peace to reign and the home and in fact even though she never really complained to us, I know she regretted it. My mum had a good pay federal job and the husband got a job in another state and had to relocate.
Trust men, he started complaining about how he won’t want to be somewhere else and he’s family somewhere else. That was the beginning of family issues as he began reporting her to whoever cared to listen. To cut the long story short she resigned and we had to relocate and getting a job in the new location became difficult.
Just imagine a family where the woman knows how to freely give than the man, we the kids we felt it and likewise her immediate family because she is the first child and majority of them depended on her and her parents as well.
There was no more free money from anywhere, nothing like mum this is the kind of thing I like and all that. See eh even if my husband is a billionaire or the man decides to `threaten me with “no resignation no marriage” me I will not try it for anything period

  1. I would most likely relocate … Cheers to new beginnings !!! I hope he would be willing to relocate too if the tables are turned …

  2. I wouldn’t want to have to choose either or… I’m ambitious and family oriented at the same time … Having children should not be solely how we define ourselves . Cheers to dual income households !!! It’s 2018 … the options are sooo many … Technology has given us so much free exposure … we cannot afford to lose the essence of who we are because we got married or had children …


Can you imagine being 35 and having to ask your husband for money to buy tampons … :unamused:


Very bad situation

I don’t think it’s all about being a billionaire sef. Most men like being in charge and being in control so they see their women working and making money as a form of disrespect to them, a slap to their face. They don’t want their power to be taken away from them as the MAN
Sometimes we need to also learn to let them be who they are but in a subtle way so they can see reasons cos they may be unconsciously acting selfish at the detriment of the marriage and a woman’s happiness. And no woman blooms in a home where she isn’t happy.

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I could quit to relocate but only out of willingness and not being forced.

I honestly even want to be a stay-at-home mum with a fat salary tho :joy::joy:


I agree … eg this one time I went out with a guy and he was short on cash … So i gave him the money I had for him to pay himself … ( Instead of me paying directly ) I swear his walking style even changed … his back was straight and all …

My uncle once told me " Your man will value the respect you give him far more than the love you give "


Now that’s a double win … you get to spend time with your family and your pockets remain full … :muscle::muscle:


Yes and I get to reserve my energy for when my husband comes home at night :wink::blush:


Yeeeeeesssssss !!! :open_hands::open_hands::open_hands::open_hands:… you even have enough time to lather yourself in edible scents and dress in lingerie… Not all these Alomo Bitters promotion T-Shirts … :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:



What happens if you pay directly?

His ego is crashed … He doesn’t have the feeling of being “Incharge” anymore … he was already embarrassed for not having enough money to “take care” of me that day … It was mostly a save his face in public type of thing

The men here can correct me if I’m wrong

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Not all men.

I have a friend that when we go out, he either gives me the cash to pay or transfers to my account and I pay with my card.
People around might think it’s my money… :joy: but we know the truth. And it’s none of their business anyway so why should we care?


Aah yes I know guys who do this too …

Men are complicated … Can’t live with them. Can’t live without them !!!


And they would say the same about us.
I think the problem men and women are having is when we try to figure each other out instead of listening to ourselves and trying to figure out how to deal with our differences also when to come to a compromise.


You just identified his own love language. Learning people’s love languages instead of always using the same approach to tackle issues should be a focus for us. Everyone has a love language, babies,animals et al.


Actually, I can quit my job for both reasons, especially for reason 2…but only for a while.