Your NYSC year in summary


:joy::grin: tell us the full gist, what went down after the rescue???



Bet y?



I became quite nice to him…e no pass there…

He tried hammering on it like he saved my life n expects me to be sweet to him… Mtchewww… I no reason am sef.


@Drew @abnetz @NaijaLander @W.O @Valkyr @vividvictor @Kachie and others what’s your story?


Heeheee camp relationship!!! More more!!!:joy:


Never served. Not planning to.
So far, life has been good without service.

I only long for a year internship at a Digital Agency preferably - makes more sense to me.


Hmmm… You skipped service? That’s so cool jare…


My Nysc year lol it was crazy but fun tho


i will visit this page when i finish service to tell y’all my experience, but i can say its going pretty amazing


When i think bk I laff. 2012 was my service yr in ogun state. Didnt even prepare myself for it. Went with two shirts n a jean, and 2thousand naira. My mind wasn’t even there as I was already counting days from day one.
Had to abandon my job for this 19,800k thing. OMG!
I joined the 100m race guys. Mr macho competition,enjoyed d miss hot legs pageant.
After camp, PPA was in a very local place, where u wan see ajebó? No blessed morning I didn’t see sacrifices at T juction. Water na from well n always smelling. I was tempted to b baffing pure water but d cost, aah.
See children in d sch all dem dey carry charm for pocket…we dare not flog dem o. CDA days was d best days.
Was always travelling to lag n bk just to sign. Tank God I nearly chop query. My allowee no miss at all. Made friends but no gf. Some didn’t finish alive.
So much relief as i passed out. I say let me com and gather bk all d flesh I lost o.
Ijebu igbo- land of the jebusites.


Wow… What a year for you…


Mine has been great so far; although I’m yet to completed the pogramme. Camp was still my best though. I was nicknamed “Ajebo” by my platoon commandant and members. I remember that one time, the soldiers caught me in the hostel while others were on the parade ground observing the early morning meditation and I was made to sit in a pool of dirty water right in front of everyone. OBS tech group was lit :100:. They made my stay in camp interesting! And that exempted me from the whole parade ish. When others were standing under the hot sun/cold rain, I was chilling under the canopy as per “Mrs. I need to stay close and regulate the PAs”. My After-camp mandate has been to tour round Owerri, all thanks to my ppa that gives me such time to do other things.


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: Mehn, i can relate to the punishment on Camp o… Mine i was made to stand on one leg for hours and do frog-jump just because they caught me wearing slippers outside camp.


How did you manage to walk the next day?! :joy::joy::joy::joy:


My dear i had to… I had to…because if those soldiers still catch me inside my room the next day, i will be punished. Dem no dey look face o…


My service year was in 2014, Camp was cray! i got posted to Zamfara and wasn’t all fun, being a sharia state we weren’t allowed to move around with the opposite sex at night, people who couldn’t hold their conji got sent home when they were caught in the act of getting down, there were gay stories also, constant siren every night did put fear of Boko Haram in my mind lol, the food was nothing to write home about, Bathroom and toilet were an eyesore. We had a fire drill where everyone had to rush out of the hostel around 2am to sit on the sandy parade ground till 5am, was damn cold! and people got injured.
After camp i redeployed to Oyo state (Ibadan precisely), ppa was at a public secondary school within the walls of University of Ibadan, i taught Data processing to four arms of SSS1(225 students in total), was hell when i had to mark assignments, test and exams. I had to sometimes switch to Yoruba in explaining things because their basic understanding of English was quite poor. School library was a mess, i and some fellow colleagues had to task ourselves to donate some books before we passed out (Still we were known as ‘I Too Know’ corpers for that).
Thursday were for CDS and was fun, i was in the FRSC group and we usually went around for sensitization and traffic control.


They did this in our camp and all of a sudden someone shouted snake! See people running and pushing each other.


This thing happened in my camp too. I served with Batch A. I think its done on purpose. right?


Yes it is