Zegist 2017 Review


Hello Guys, happy new year. I’ll start by thanking every single Zegist member for contributing in the loving and welcoming community we have built for the past 2 years. A few initiatives were born last year which I was really glad about and some didn’t get to take off due to technical challenges. Some of the things I was particularly proud of were;

  • Zegist Hangout
  • Zegist Chat Series
  • Zegist Secret Santa
  • and a good number of viral stories.

Why Zegist?

We created this platform to give people a better way to share their personal stories. A friendly welcoming place where people are free to gist and learn and share their opinions without the savagery. According to Pretyprexy Zegist’s aim is to build a better community where people can feel love, get involved and share ideas and be free to ask and talk about anything. We wanted to be unique as a platform built with the opinions of people.


I have taken time to look through the analytics to provide a report on how well we did in numbers and create expectations for 2018. Here we will also share some analytical data too…

Total Pageviews - 424118
Total New Members - 961
Total New Posts - 45300
Total New Topics - 1459
Average Time on site per visit - 1:57

Award for most topics created

This award goes to the person who has taken time to create the most topics on Zegist, sharing their opinion on topics or giving us the hottest gist as it happens around them since the inception of the platform. Here are the top three accounts.

@pretyprexy 339
@Mariam 242
@fola 218

Award for most posts created

This award goes to the person who has taken time to create the most posts on Zegist.Its important to create topics for people to share their opinions but posts too are very important as it means you are willing to share your knowledge on the topic and give responses to others. Here are the top three accounts.

@pretyprexy 9855
@Judy 2737
@NaijaLander 2440

Award for our biggest reader.

This goes to the member who read the most on Zegist. We hope you have learned a lot while we entertained you with our gist. Here are the numbers;

@pretyprexy 43175
@oluwakemisola 42853
@Judy 42470

Award for who gave the most likes.

It is important to give your opinion on what people say and the truth is the little likes you share might just encourage someone to share more or maybe slide into your dm… I’m still waiting for a zegist wedding.
Here are the numbers;

@pretyprexy 17360
@Judy 7308
@evansakanno 6860

Award for who received the most likes.

This goes out to the person who has received the most likes on their opinions on Zegist.Here are the numbers;

@pretyprexy 9249
@Judy 5712
@evansakanno 4508

Thanks to all of you guys who have contributed to the platform. Thank you so so so much.

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Precious prexy for president!!!


@Pretyprexy is collecting gifts from everyone
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She’s collecting gifts… she wont give ni… no fair oooo


Awwwwww… This goes to @fola and I. I’m grateful for having her as my mentor on the job…

Thanks to everyone who is a member of this awesome community…God bless you for always supporting, commenting and all… You guys rock…

Thanks to @evansakanno and my family here…


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Our season begins from the 20th of February through till March.


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So when will a Zegist Award Night fall on us @evansakanno?..


We can do that this december as an end of year event.


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