Zegist 2018 Goals


Hello Guys,
Last time I shared Zegist 2017 review to celebrate our achievements in the past year.

We created this online community to give African people a better way to share their personal stories. Zegist.com is a great a place to meet other nice and open-minded people and to chat and chill. Relationships, career, lifestyle and sweet gist… The best part is you can post anonymously.

Here are share some of our for this year;

More News
We would like to better inform you as soon as any information hits the news.

Diverse Discussions
We have other columns such as Tech, Business, Health, Education, Sports, Politics etc

Better participation
Every topic deserves your opinion, kindly contribute even if it has to be anonymously image

Zegist Chat (Video series)
The idea is to have some zegisters discuss about a societal problem and this will be recorded and shared online. I believe that more opinions can be relatable when you can add a face and a voice to it. We discussed it here.

Zegist Chat (The online chat)
We had a few of these last year including;

It will be nice to see more outstanding people who can share stories to inspire people.

Zegist Hangouts
We had an amazing time in August 2017 at Tarkwa Bay. We should do more this year especially an end of year hangout where we give awards for the most interesting personalities in this community.

More controversial topics
Yes yes, more controversial topics. If you cant type them yourself I encourage you to share anonymously like this. Truth is there is a lot people learn here from discussing real-life stories.

More sharing + more members
Guys we need you on this one. We need you to share our topics on social media. Take screenshots, share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Whatsapp. Invite a friend, Invite 10 friends. DM me emails of friends you want to invite, it will make my day.

Zegist Free Data
So if you click the share icon to share our content your name will populate on our data as one of the referrers of the month. We would like to pay subscription worth N5000 to whoever tops that list on the last day of every month. This is open to everyone except myself. My job is to ensure I share the most.

Ads are coming
So, from our estimates of 2017, we spent over a million naira to keep zegist running and I think it’s time to introduce advertising on our platform. Thanks to @Oluwarufus @ogeh47 @TundeMason of Cregital team, we’ll integrate the ads in the most non-intrusive way to sustain good user experience.

Our goals

Here is the review from last year compared to what we are looking to achieve this year.

This is a breakdown of the weekly and monthly targets to make this happen

So guys, we really really need you. Special thanks to @pretyprexy @fola @judy @Drew @oluwakemisola
@Judy @W.O @Aje @Aniekan @ruthameh125 @Kachie @Yeye @abnetz @Kiitan @theunofficialomotayo @NaijaLander @iamtosyne @Ms_aijohi @Mopelola_Ariyo @Darryice @Nonso_Azike @TosinAdekoya @Bobo @ChiQaH @ewomazino @Udy_Inyang @geezybee @Peacehoney @maikel_Coker @Duchessbee and our newest MVP @mira

This is also an invitation to anyone who wants to help us achieve these goals faster. Please share your ideas here and show us your support.

Will you love to earn salary and side income from your day job?
Zegist Rewards

Great goals for the year.

Well, they can be attainable. Last year is gone, this is a better year.

It would be amazing if every Zegister spread the Zegist vibes as though they are campaigning for ponzi schemes… By this, I mean, great contents could be written down and shared on all social media platform.

Most of us here have good audience on our social media platforms, and we can take that as an advantage.


How about linking the share button also to WhatsApp?

I think it would be helpful and needful.

WhatsApp is more homely, in the sense that it’s more of people we know, and vice versa. Some persons on Facebook and other social medias sometimes fear clicking a link because they feel it’s another trick to hack their account. Things are happening these days, you know.

Well, it would be easier to get clicks from WhatsApp.
Imagine I share a post from here on a WhatsApp group (maybe secondary school/university class groups, and any other nonbusiness group, depending on what groups the person is on), telling them to check more on the gist via Zegist and also sign up to share their opinions. I’m sure at least 50% of some persons on those group would check the link out.



Looking forward to that. :blush::blush::slight_smile::slight_smile::raised_hands:


Are you kidneying me???



This is a brilliant idea. Whatsapp is certainly a lot engaging lately. So the software that runs zegist doesn’t have whatsapp included yet but we have built a custom sharing widget you can see it on mobile. We will also ensure that it works with the referral system I talked about for the Zegist Free Data.

We will do our best to integrate something similar on desktop. This will be made a priority.

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@evansakanno and the crew - Thank you for creating a brilliant platform :+1:


Thank you man.


You are already a winner of so many awards​:blush::blush::blush:


Well done @evansakanno and the team. You guys are nothing short of amazing. Cheers to a more productive year!


Weldon guys. You all are amazing. May God help us to exceed even this goal.


Five thousand for a month???

I’m gonna set a daily reminder :joy::joy:

I must win o


Well done guys. All of these goals are most definitely attainable with the right team/community work. We have a lot of awesome and amazing people here that can make it happen. Leggo!


Amazing! I’m really impressed with this. Well done #teamZegist! The goals are achievable and attainable,so all hands should be on deck and take this as ours.
I’ll try my loyal best to make this a huge success. Cheers!!!


Hello Zegisters, it’s nice that we’ve shown our support by letting the Zegist team know you got their back and you see the 2018 goals as possibilities that would surely come true, but please, I think the team still needs our ideas in order to perform and serve us better this year.

Feel free to share your ideas too, as the team would gladly take that into consideration. We are one big happy family. Thus, shyness is not allowed :wink::wink::wink::wink:. So please, do well to help the team with strategies on how these goals can be achieved.

@Drew @theunofficialomotayo @Segzee @kammy @Kachie @Kiitan @amakaanne @Judy @Judithpalmer04 @Onaopemipo @boremitipoto @Bobo @Aniekan @Anniekaso @ruthameh125 @Ruth @Udy_Inyang @NaijaLander @iamtosyne @W.O @MademoiselleK @maikel_Coker @abnetz @oluwakemisola @Oluwakorede @Vee @ChiQaH @Duchessbee @ewomazino @Ms_aijohi @Yeye @Mopelola_Ariyo @TosinAdekoya @Nonso_Azike @Tochi @Tolu_Mals @ayoola @Youralibi1 @Darryice @Nire @tatafo @TalesofLove @Aje


Y’all get an app already :joy:


Was my account deleted?


Sorry, what account are you referring to?


Good morning zegist team, quick one; is it only registered members that have access to read conversation threads?

Singles Only! Write a letter to your future partner 😍😍😍