Zegist 2018 Goals


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Sorry, back to work and I’m always tired after work but definitely I’ll help in whatever way I have got to help in achieving zegist goals 2018.

@Mira you’re doing a great job here, sending my love from wherever I am.


I hope to be better this year and I think we should have more of our in-house people share our experiences. We all must have gone through stuffs, let’s in a month have two or more online chats but one of our zegisters should be a guest.

Please for any outings this year consider us living afar so we can make it… I definitely won’t want to miss another zegist hangout please.

Am I allowed to share stories from my blog?



I don’t love you too, I love you three! :wink:


Thanks sweet


Definitely… We would love to read them.


Dear @zegisters our community is growing. Check out the stats. This graph gives me so much joy.

Today we had over 100 signups and its only 8pm.


Yayy! #ThisIsNigeria is working. :dancer::dancer:


Yes it is. The winners should actually give you a percentage of their earnings :joy:


I know right!


Have you considered collaborating with some blogs to convert some of the top posts;
(interesting/controversial/thought provoking etc.,) on this platform into stories on their sites?
I believe this can help boost traffic to Zegist and help in retaining some new visitors. Ire✌


Hi, do you have any blogs in mind?


Blogs that come to mind include: Pulse.ng, BellaNaija, Naij.com, YNaija, Linda Ikeji and Naijaloaded; (and maybe Zikoko. I love this blog!)
And since smaller blogs copy most of their contents, we’ll get a wider reach.


Ok, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look into it.


Dear @zegisters with so much joy i’m glad to say we’ve crossed 5000 members. Its amazing how many stories we’ve shared here and how many friendships have spawned out of this platform.

Our simple goal when starting this forum is to have people openly discuss issues that matter to them in a safe non judgemental zone. So far its been an exciting ride.

I’ld like to know how we have positively affected you. If you’ve learned something positive here too please share. If you also have thoughts on how we can improve the platform it will be nice to read from you. Zegist app is 90% complete and will be deployed in a few days for you guys to test.

I have been thinking of Zegist community projects all day. Not sure how this can be done but I am not a big fan of blaming the government. I feel there are things we can do ourselves.

Thanks guys :heart:


Inspirator @evansakanno … I must say I find zegist to be a bit matured than other forums.
As it grows, many more positives will come out of this platform.

I feel the ability to use an incognito option for response is also cool which aid real talks and probably reduce the need for several multiple accounts.

Keep up the good work @ZegistTeam


Do you mean anonymous? You can easily go anonymous on zegist. Read how here


I’ve actually learnt a lot that I can’t even start typing. More important is the beautiful people i’ve met on here. Thank you Zegist :heart:


Yes! We would sure drop our review for the app when it’s ready! :dancer::dancer:


Boss … I was actually trying to complement the annonymous feature. Kudos!