Zegist 2018 Goals


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Sorry, back to work and I’m always tired after work but definitely I’ll help in whatever way I have got to help in achieving zegist goals 2018.

@Mira you’re doing a great job here, sending my love from wherever I am.


I hope to be better this year and I think we should have more of our in-house people share our experiences. We all must have gone through stuffs, let’s in a month have two or more online chats but one of our zegisters should be a guest.

Please for any outings this year consider us living afar so we can make it… I definitely won’t want to miss another zegist hangout please.

Am I allowed to share stories from my blog?



I don’t love you too, I love you three! :wink:


Thanks sweet


Definitely… We would love to read them.