Zegist Book Club


Welcome to Zegist Book Club!

If you know, you have a great passion for reading and sharing your views with others, then congratulations because you’re at the right spot!

Every month, we get to choose a book from here, where each of us will read and then form our various opinions; all of which will be expressed with other members of the group at the first weekend of the next month. This is to give every one enough time to finish reading up the book.
This is going to be a great way for all of us to get introduced to new books, some of which we might not have read otherwise.

Ideas and contributions which can help make conversations interesting and the club a more fascinating place will be highly appreciated and welcomed.

I was thinking for this month of October, we could kick off with "Originals- How Non-Conformists Move the World by Adam Grant. The e-copy of this book will be provided by @Nonso_Azike. Anyone with other suggestions can please throw them open to everyone.

I sincerely hope this club motivates us all to better versions of ourselves!


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Lets Talk About You
Lets Talk About You

Come baby… Come lemme hug you…

Come closer… This is such an amazing idea… Wow…


I’m up for it… How do we get it?


Come baby… Come lemme hug you…

Come closer… This is such an amazing idea… Wow…


I’m up for it… How do we get it?


I’m in! But e-books are a thorn in my flesh oh… @Nonso_Azike, I’ll send you my email privately. Kindly send the copy of that book to me.


Awww :blush::blush:
@Nonso_Azike has the e-copy, but you can send your email address to my dm so i can send it to you tho…


Okay… Sure…


Ikr… But you could try though…


Yes dear… I’ll try my best. I hope I catch up.




Issokay… Im in


Yayy!! Send me me a dm with your email address, so i can share the book with you.


Way too much sense in this book! :ok_hand: @Nonso_Azike


I’m glad you’re enjoying it


Great Idea!

Can we just have the e-book uploaded here so that anyone interested can easily download even when @Nonso_Azike isn’t online?


Is that possible?


Adam Grant Sheryl Sandberg-Originals_ How Non-Conformists Move the World-.pdf (2.5 MB)

I never knew this was possible. Thank you very much for this wonderful suggestion @theunofficialomotayo
Yay! So everyone can download this now…


How did you upload it, I didn’t know it was possible sef


Same here… When you use the reply button, you’ll see upload at left side. Click on it, then locate the document you want to upload.


U are a darling! Now I can read different categories of books. I can’t wait to begin.
Thanks @Nonso_Azike and @Kachie for this brilliant idea!


300+ pages !!! Hmmmmm good good Lol The Lord is my strength