Zegist Book Club


@Kachie… You said it and you did it!! You are the DOER of Zegist my DOZ :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


He’s our strength ooo… :joy::joy::joy:


But It wouldn’t have been possible without your idea… I still owe that to you…Yes ooo… @Aje the name giver! :joy::joy::joy:


Tchai! you have become my new best friend… :joy::joy::rofl:


@Aje Let me know what book you eyed from the list on my insta story so I can drop it here for you.


I didn’t write it down but if i get the list again, would peruse and tell you the one but it had to do with marketing or sales


I doubt I have a picture of that list o…Would check my PC and send u a list later.


you are the Man!!




Really cool idea @Kachie. Downloaded and ready to read.


Great idea @kachie. I’ve been struggling with two books since God knows when, but knowing that I now have to share lessons with people should be enough ginger to complete one. God help me :pray:


You’re welcome hun!


Awesome! :+1: I hope you enjoy your read…


Lol I can totally relate to this! :joy::joy: @Yeye Don’t worry we’ll keep “gingering you” i just invented that word :joy::joy: Kinda did some calculations though and found that if you can read at least 14 pages a day, you’ll finish up the book before the month runs out.


Got a copy already. Let the reading begin!


Oh Great! Yes ooo…


Okay, I’m in


Niceee! @Ms_aijohi You can get started by downloading the book :point_up:


Okay but its not going through for me sha


Really? let me send it to your mail then. Just dm your email address or you could scroll up just a little, you’ll see where i uploaded it.@Ms_aijohi