Zegist Book Club


I saw your insta story but the list of your books were so much. Pls can you share some with me especially on communication, growth and development.


Thank you guys for this. I may not have the time to read immediately but that I have access to get good books here means a lot. Thank you.


No problem. I’ll tag you when I share the list with Aje so you can pick whichever interests you.


Really? In ur busy schedules? Great!


Can you share the list here @theunofficialomotayo ? We would appreciate that…


There’s quite a lot of them, but I’ll share just a few of them with you guys. @Aje @ruthameh125 @pretyprexy


:ok_woman:t5: Awoooo!! This is a whole library oo


I’m saving this… You’re the real deal… Thanks dear!

First, can i get the Master of Body Language in Negotiation, Rules of Life (Bill gates), The Emotionallly Intelligent Manager, and your books on Internet Marketing. Thanks dear.

I’ll be expecting : precious.bekha@gmail.com


Blood of zechariah!!:raised_hands::raised_hands::disappointed_relieved::fearful: This a Public Library… Henry Carr Pub Lib … Tchai!! God bless you bro @theunofficialomotayo… Me I’m not greedy, will peruse and get to you… Meanwhile… Hope we have started reading the book of the week o.


Ayeeee!!! See Book of life! Biko I’ll get back to you on the ones I want. God bless you real good.


Thank you.


:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: @theunofficialomotayo


Please I want these ones @theunofficialomotayo

  1. Master of Body Language in negotiation
  2. 1st Impressions
  3. 201 Best Questions to ask on your interview
  4. The Complete Q & A Job interview Book.
  5. 50 Ways Communication
  6. Mind Manager

Thank you very much in advance. I’ll send you a dm containing my email address.


faithaijohi@gmail.com waiting for it


@theunofficialomotayo I mistakenly deleted the mail you sent to me… Please can you resend?


so when do we discuss the first chapter of the book ? @Kachie


We are supposed to discuss the entire book this weekend.


But… But …I haven’t read it yet :woman_facepalming:t5:


Ma!! :joy::joy::joy:


I’ve been lazy, not done reading it but I would finish up tonight :scream_cat::cry: