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My dear! I’ve been all over the place. To read my school books sef these days is a hassle :woman_facepalming:t5:


Awww… No qualms dear. Just tag along in the discussion tomorrow. That way you’ll still gain alot before you get the time to gradually read it up.


Same here too, I have not read it, so many things on my mind lol I just remembered now as @Judy mentioned it.


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No problem dear… Just try and read it when you get the time. There’s too much sense in the book!


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How do I download this to my iBooks please on iPhone?


Download Adobe reader app.


Hi ,I’ve downloaded adobe app.How do I open the link or get the book on the adobe reader.


Never mind,I’ve figured it out had to save it via Dropbox to get it on iBooks.
If you have an easier method,pls let me know


Hey, here’s the book.
Adam Grant Sheryl Sandberg-Originals_ How Non-Conformists Move the World-.pdf (2.5 MB)


Thanks Kachie. It’s sorted now


You’re welcome. Glad I could help!


Hey everyone! Hope your day is turning out great? Welcome to our first book review/discussion on “Originals” by Adam Grant! I’ll start by sharing my opinions. It was such a long read though but I’m glad I was able to finish it up! Really look forward to seeing everyone’s contribution.

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First and foremost, Adam Grant’s ‘Originals’ was a thought-provoking read for me that tells the story of originality as it affects entrepreneurship and business; creativity and innovations. The book cuts across all aspects of life, work, leadership, relationships, parenting and personal growth of which I personally gained alot.

One particular belief the writer debunked was that successful entrepreneurs were careful and calculated risk-takers and not just great risk-takers.
Without reading this book, I would never had known that Bill Gates took a “leave of absence” from Harvard instead of just dropping out (which is what majority think). That was his “Plan B” just in case Microsoft didn’t work out.

He also stated that procastination in itself wasn’t totally bad but it needed to be done strategically to achieve result.

He further offered the theory that failure can be just as beneficial as success and that fear of failure may cause individuals and companies from taking risks necessary to move forward.

Although I enjoyed the awesome ideas in the book, I didn’t enjoy the writing style. The book had too many ideas and arguments which were not coherently stated and at some point the latter chapters (5-8) appeared choppy and disjointed from the plot.

But asides that, the book has redefined my thinking game and I’m grateful to @Nonso_Azike for sharing such a beautiful piece.



Oh wow! Always have back up plans! Noted.

This :ok_hand:t5:!!! When I don’t feel the energy to do things people think I’m lazy or procrastinating, but I go with my vibe, working with time and season!

Thanks @Kachie for taking time to summarize the book. You know u’re a darling :kissing_heart: I would definitely take time to read it