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You’re welcome Sugar! Now I’m all blushing… Thank you! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Taking a leave of absence sounds like a very well calculated risk though


That was a very smart thinking!


Really?.. Nice, I just strategically procrastinated reading the book…:grinning:


I wanna do this, love reading


Me too, had to google this to confirm the gist. Although, I haven’t gone past chapter 2 of this book but so far, it been an eye opener.

The guys that took the courage to start selling glasses online (Neil and 3 other friends ) weren’t discouraged even when they had the obvious constraint that people wouldn’t buy glasses online because of the need to test them before purchase.

Even as a student, Neil and his friends didn’t give up on Warby Parker , they were also smart enough not to throw all their eggs in one basket but pursue other things while still giving the idea their idea of selling glasses on line a push. They all got internship jobs during their summer break and still went ahead to seek for employment after graduation. Just so they have something to fall back on. I’ve learnt to give other ideas a push.


I think one of the major thing i’m learning from this is that, always have a PLAN B when taking risks… Don’t just put all your eggs in one baskets.

Always think of, "what if it works out or doesn’t?


Yeah you’re right! Its good to be positive but we should also try and be realistic too!


I’m so glad you’ve gained a lot! I did too… Just keep reading, there are many unveiled truths in the remaining chapters.


Can I give a suggestion for the next book we’ll be reading? @Kachie


Yes i guess. Shoot




Yeah. Of course you can!


Heaven is for real - Todd Burpo


I’d like to suggest a book though…The subtle act of not giving a fuck.pdf (1.0 MB)


Thanks dear for this beautiful book suggestion. But I was hoping we could share just neutral books (non-religious books) here so that we can accommodate people of other religions. My thoughts though, or what does everyone think? @Judy @Drew @W.O @Aje @Ms_aijohi @pretyprexy @fola


I agree with you :clap:


You Speak my heart babe.


Sorry I was not online to contribute while reviewing the first book. What is the next book going to be?!


I agree too…