Zegist celebrations


happy birthday to you dear
I wish u llnp


Thank you @seniorgirl


Hbd to u


Happy Birthday Mama @Yeye Nations come to thy rising, out of your springs will they drink and find refreshment, Great Grace speaks for you because He chose you and nothing can be done about it. Go in your Might Great one. Happy New Year in Jesus name!! Amen… I’m singing “He made a way” for you.


Happy Birthday @Yeye You conquered, you soared. Keep on winning dear.


To the celebrants, Why didn’t you guys come out a day after Valentine’s?..

Anyways, happy birthday peeps. Be tremendously blessed of the Father. Favour and wisdom follows you every where you go.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: @yeye came after Valentine na…


Happy birthday @Yeye and @Onaopemipo. God bless you both :birthday::heart:


errrrm @F.A.B, It’s not my birthday o, It’s Yeside’s. Thank you ma’am!


Happy birthday in arrears @Yeye


Thank you very much @F.A.B @Aniekan @Mopelola_Ariyo @Aje @seniorgirl @Kent :blush:


Happy belated birthday dear @Yeye. I wish you God’s best this new year. Age gracefully.
P.S: I totally love the picture of you in the short hair :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
@Onaopemipo well done on the artwork :clap:t5::clap:t5:


Thank you @judy. It was a pleasure.


@Yeye happy belated birthday yeah I did ask @pretyprexyto deliver my sweetest hugs to you cos I wasn’t having network where I was, it was only going for just whatsapp and I asked for your number too. At least, I did wish you happy birthday before sleeping. Wishing you a great year.





Awwn, she’s so fine! Happy Birthday @Ms_aijohi. You’ll excel!


Happy birthday to the beautiful @Ms_aijohi
This new year shall bring forth greater blessings


Happy Birthday @Ms_aijohi. Greater heights i wish thee


Happy birthday baby… @Ms_aijohi … Thanks for being a friend since S.S. 1… We’ve really come a long way sha… Happy birthday babe…


Happy birthday dear @Ms_aijohi. God bless you today and always. Cheers :tada::tada: