Zegist celebrations


Happy Birthday @Ms_aijohi Wishing you the best the new year has to offer!


Happy birthday dear @Ms_aijohi live long, conquer and subdue the earth. God bless you as you add another year.


Happy birthday sweet @Ms_aijohi Keep breaking limits!


Happy birthday beautiful lady. I pray doors of favour and connections will open for you. A lot of miracles will happen through you. You are going to grow in grace and knowledge of Christ.

Live long, Miss Faith.


Happy birthday @Ms_aijohi :grin::hearts:


Thank you so much for your birthday wishes.


You are welcome.




@Temidayo, I’m yet to know your birthday. Can you do me a favour by updating it via your profile?

It would be my pleasure to celebrate with you on that day :wink:


Happy birthday to @pretyprexy


Happy Birthday Precious! You’ll do More and live long in good health and abundant wealth in luxury and peace. God bless you @pretyprexy.


Happy birthday @pretyprexy :kissing_heart:



Dearest Precious, you made me feel at home when I signed up. You were literally my backbone because whatever I didn’t understand, I let you know and you never hesitated to offer help.

I love and celebrate you today and always!!

I pray for you, that the will of God for your life be manifested and all your heart desires be granted.

Your case is different. Where others go and fail, may you succeed.

Experience greater dimensions of God’s presence in your life and many more victorious years.

Shine on, ma!


Happy birthday Precious dear, I pray the good Lord gives you a fresh start, fresh opportunities, may the windows of heavens open unto you. Do have a beautiful birthday. @pretyprexy


Yass!! It’s HER birthday! Happy Birthday Friend, Wishing you a fresh start, a clearer mind, strength to pursue, Vision to see, Tenacity to stay put and most importantly that which you desire deeply! You know naa. HAppy Birthday dear


long epistle alert(i mean every word): Happy bornday @pretyprexy. you are one of those persons whose aura is amazing, you are funny, nice, motherly(as per the zegist mama) mama, easygoing generally. sometimes i read how you respond to people’s comments and post and it just amazes me how you can respond without a hint of annoyance. you are always there for whoever needs you. you are the real mvp, you are da :bomb:. so today being your day, i wish you all that you wish yourself as i couldn’t possible know what you desire. cheers girl!:sparkling_heart::confetti_ball::gift:
since you are a foodie, take this :apple::peach::bacon::hamburger::fries::pizza::hotdog::sandwich::taco::burrito::stew::rice::sushi::fried_shrimp::fish_cake::tea::milk_glass::custard::clinking_glasses::dumpling::peanuts::broccoli::kiwi_fruit::strawberry: i do not know your type of food, please manage these


Happy birthday @pretyprexy the lady with a good heart


Awwww… @Tuhmehskeh @Onaopemipo @Yeye @Mira @Fola @Aje @geezybee @oluwakemisola Thank you guysssss so much for celebrating my day…

The words and speeches are worth a million bucks and more… Thanks guys… @geezybee and @Mira, I am so glad I was able to make you guys enjoy your stay here. Thank you guys so much.


So @pretyprexy is my birthday mate :birthday::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer:happy belated birthday dear. Wish you more fruitful years ahead​:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Your birthday mate?

Never knew dear.

Happy birthday to you! We love and celebrate you.

May you continuously find favour before God and everyone you come in contact with. Live long and prosper dear.

Please update your birthday via your profile.

This is the list of those that have done theirs

We would always be glad to celebrate with you :wink:

Happy birthday @F.A.B.
Excel beyond measure!