Zegist celebrations


Awwww… Happy birthday budddy


SPECIAL SHOUT OUT TO OUR FEBRUARY 28th CELEBRANTS @itseedris and @Kalu_Chika_Esther

God’s blessings and grace shall never elude you.

Kings shall come to your rising. Nations are sure gonna celebrate you. I pray doors of favour and connections will open for you.

Have a great 2018 and more great years to come. Remain blessed.




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Please come and celebrate these ones.

And yeah, we are sorry we missed celebrating @F.A.B on her day… You know what to do guys :wink:


Happy Birthday @F.A.B in arrears. I pray you have a truly successful year!


Happy belated birthday @F.A.B
Live long and prosper


Happy birthday @F.A.B


@NaijaLander @Zoe @evansakanno @Judy


Belated birthday wishes @F.A.B. May all that you desire be granted.


Happy birthday @Kalu_Chika_Esther and @itseedris.


Happy belated birthday @F.A.B May God’s blessings dwell you always!
Enjoy your day @Kalu_Chika_Esther and @itseedris and may this year bring more smiles to your faces. Cheers!


you know these are f-word signs right ?


Happy Birthday @itseedris. GOD bless you with plenty money this year. Amen.


Happy Birthday @Kalu_Chika_Esther. I pray thee good success this year. Amen.



:point_up_2:t6: —> pointing upwards

:fu:t6: —> fuck you.




I didn’t use it in that manner o. I just felt you would understand. Pele


I know loool I started laughing when I saw it. I used to make the same mistake.


Lol… I made a mistake o. I thought I actually used this :point_up_2:

Pele :see_no_evil:


Thank you so much :kissing_heart: @Mira @pretyprexy @NaijaLander @Zoe @evansakanno @Judy @Kachie God’s blessings!!