Zegist celebrations


@oluwakemisola thank you dear.

@fola you’re so sweet. Thank you!

@Aje Padi of life. Bless you!

@maikel_Coker thanks a bunch :blush:


Happy Birthday to a lovely :heart_eyes:, pretty :star_struck:, blunt :no_good_woman: scintillating :kissing_heart:, butterscotch :rice:, hotsause :spaghetti:, @Judy to sha prapra :joy:
Happy Birthday dear. May your days be longer, may you never wander, may your enemies ponder, may you never go under, may your beautiful eyes continue to see God’s wonder. :kissing_heart: Happy Birthday darling


See confam line ! :clap::clap::clap:


Happy birthday @judy baby… Love you to the moon and back…


Happy Birthday @judy, May your birthday bring you renewed hope and blessings in life, welcome to the next chapter of your life.


By any chance is @pretyprexy passing through a phase? No one should reply or quote me pls, I don’t know what I am saying


@pretyprexy, been a while, you aiite? Miss you.
Happy birthday @judy.


@Valkyr and @geezybee, @pretyprexy is fine. :blush:

She commented few hours ago :wink:


That is not the kinda @pretyprexy zegist knows. Lemme ask @evansakanno


Last time I asked she said it’s nothing.


Really? In the celebration thread?! Are you passing through a phase?? @Valkyr

I believe everyone would have to pass through different phases that we may never be able to share with anyone at some point in our lives.
@pretyprexy is fine I believe from our last convo.
There you have ur answer. I’m her spokesperson too. You’re welcome.


Shebi you see why I love her? @Kachie.
God just knew what he was doing when he decided to make me a girl. Sigh!

@Kiitan, all these for me?!! Chai! God! Thanks lover :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart: God bless you real good. Success in your exams in Jesus name! Amen.


@pretyprexy, thanks darling. This means a lot :hugs::hugs: I love you right back.

Thanks :blush: @geezybee.



Happy birthday dear.

May your days be long and filled with jaw breaking testimonies. Greater years ahead, go
grab them gracefully. We celebrate you. :birthday:


Happy birthday @Dani. Do have a good one! Cheers!


Happy Birthday @Dani. Have a great day


Happy birthday @Dani.


Happy birthday @dani



Life is so good with people like you in it. You’ve been such an amazing friend and I want to say thanks for being strong and soft at the same time.

May the odds forever be in your favour. Excel beyond limits. May you experience miracles that will make you dumbfounded.

You shall live to fulfill purpose and you shall never lack, because God shall provide all you need. Keep living and never cease to conquer territories.

One more thing, we want to see you more on @Zegist … Stop being a ghost member :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I love you too, don’t mention.


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We have a celebrant. Celebrate him.