Zegist celebrations


Happy birthday @KubasuInyanya



You are Kings!

Live long, prosper, subdue the earth, replenish, and dominate.

Have a fantastic birthday celebration, and may all your wishes be made manifest. Excel gracefully!!

Hello @Everybody, we have two celebrants today. Please celebrate them.

You can call or text them if you have their number. Getting them a gift won’t be bad too :wink:


Everyone celebrates my birthday (not intentionally tho) because its January 1st.
I just keep mute and ride along.
Hopefully the community might pull through


Chai… @KubasuInyanya you are fine oooo. Happy Belated.


Oya @W.O today is your birthday @W.O enjoy Gods blessing @W.O greater height @W.O…oya lemme be serious, make exploit IJN… @codepoetpro happy birthday


Happy Birthday! @W.O and @codepoetpro God’s blessings.


Amen! Thank you


Amen! Thanks


Amen! Thank you sisi :laughing:


Happy Birthday bro @codepoetpro. Best wishes :facepunch:


Happy birthday to the most calm and sense making person I know on zegist. U deserve an award here. But outside of zegist you and I both know that you’re not calm at all, elekeebu :smirk:

Lover boy :grin::grin: all the people born in March are great lovers sha (this is the no wonder I was talking about the other day :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

I pray that your heart’s desires be granted you. Grow in more sense, more love, lots of money (remember my share 70-30) and more of God. Age gracefully dear @W.O.


Happy birthday @codepoetpro. Sending best wishes to you!


Padi mi, Oshey!:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

I really do not know what you mean, ma wash pata mi si ita

Haha, Gracias!

Amen! Thank you, but i really can’t read the money part, the figures are blurry sort of. :smile:


But you saw money :smirk: 70 billion tati 30 billion!!! I’m shouting now oh!


Happy Birthday @w.o wishing you the very best dear…


Thank you mama!


Lol, iwo sun danu


Happy birthday dear @W.O, and to you too @codepoetpro :grin:


Thank you!


In Olamide’s voice

Oya @W.O
Wa lo Jo bi olowo, ma lo Jo bi oloshi …

Happy birthday William, remain awesome !