Zegist celebrations


@Ennmae happy birthday


Huh, :heart_eyes:thanks I’m just seeing this :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


@Ennmae Happy Birthday, more blessings


I go celebrate myself kwa Even if @Mira and @Zegist algorithm no gree catch my baiday for their logs today.

You all went for Owanbe abi, May God give me grace to forgive all of you passionately.:roll_eyes:

Happy Baiday to me…


@Alfred happy birthday bro


Oh my God… I’m really sorry dear, so sorry.

Didn’t even check today’s date, but I know the next birthday was 20something.

I’m sorry.

Happy birthday to you Alfred.

I’m coming with a better post. We celebrate you today and always.

Forgive me.


Hello @Alfred happy birthday bro!!!

Wish you all the best now and always


I appreciate boss. Thank you.


Thats why I forgave you before time cos I have the spirit of God :smile:

The team is doing a great job I must confess.


It’s a day of celebration but we celebrate you beyond times and seasons!

You have been opened to a seasoned season of sensation.
Enjoy a glowing life, renewed vision, greater heights!
We await the manifestation of more!
Glide as a king!

Many blessings bro, It is too late to be nobody!
Have fun.

Oya o, @everybody, come let’s celebrate our brother. Cake dey too… Come chop cake.


Happy Birthday @Alfred More Blessings!


Happy birthday @Alfred. I wish you all the best.


Happy birthday @Alfred


Thank you great people …
I value you all greatly.

I wish I know how to dance Shaku Shaku to make you all laugh. :joy::grin:


Happy birthday @Alfred
@Mira welldone o! Making me salivate; just continue o


Happy birthday @Alfred


Happy Birthday @Alfred


Happy birthday @alfred
I’m so hungry rn


Belated birthday wishes to you @Alfred. More blessings.


There’s cake. Eat.