Zegist celebrations


Happy @Daguvnor! Many blessings!


Happy bornday @Daguvnor
Happy birthday in arrears @Ennmae


@Daguvnor enjoy God’s grace


11.30pm… Still waiting for the cake to be delivered… I don’t wanna have funny dreams :smiley:


@Aniekan , @abnetz , @geezybee , @Tuhmehskeh , @Alfred
I’m deeply grateful for the birthday wishes and prayers. God’ll elevate and promote you all to greater heights .


Delivered where? This is where it’s been delivered o :joy::joy:


March kings and Queens are numerous


wehdone :clap::clap::clap:


Happy birthday Muyiwa @abnetz
Have fun



Thanks for all you have been doing… Your online presence on Zegist is very much appreciated.

Thanks for being a true friend, I appreciate!

God didn’t decide to fool your parents on the month of April, rather he decided to bless them with a blessing like you. Your presence in this world is not and can never be an error. See how handsome God made you :wink:

On this special day, I declare that everyday of your life shall be days of victory. Even when you fall and your strength fails you, may God continuously strengthen you.

You are loved and blessed beyond measure.
Happy birthday Muyi! Live long.

Hello @everybody, we have a celebrant. Please, let’s do the needful.

@Aniekan, bring the cake.


Thanks Annie!


It’s a Miracle Working God! Thank you, buddie.


Happy Birthday @abnetz. May the years ahead be beautiful for you.
Many happy returns!


Happy Birthday @abnetz. Best wishes bro


Happy birthday to you dear @abnetz :heart:


Happy Birthday Ore mi @abnetz Keep being awesome!


Happy birthday @abnetz you is a fine man


Happy Birthday Muyi @abnetz
May lines fall in pleasant places for you.


@W.O @Kachie @Mopelola_Ariyo @Yeye @Otumininu . Thank you so very much!


Muyi Muyi!! Happy birthday dear. May all ur desires be granted you. Age gracefully.