Zegist celebrations


Arrgh @Judy Thank you so very much!


Happy birthday sweetie


Happy birthday @abnetz


Here’s the cake for today

Happy birthday once more, Muyi.


Happy Birthday @abnetz
Wishing you a wonderful year ahead filled with great achievements.


@abnetz nothing but the best bro… Happy birthday


Happy birthday @abnetz. Sowi it’s coming late.


Happy Belated Birthday @abnetz Wishing you all the best. Sorry its coming this late. Sure you had loads of fun


t’s still your birth month so happy birthday is still in order. Cheers to the new age bruv!!! One love


Lool. Thanks man!


Hello @everybody, I dare to break the norm here.

We are still in the mood of celebration, but this time, it’s not a birthday.

I just want to take this time to celebrate Our Zegist Crush of the week, @Funsho.
We appreciate all that you have been doing with the Web Designing 101 Class and the CMS Class, and we just wanna use this medium to appreciate and celebrate you.

You are a true legend, and we’re blessed to have you here. More strength and time to keep up with the lessons.


Thank you @Mira. GOD bless you. :joy::joy:


Wehdone sir @NaijaLander


Amen. And you too.


Thank you @Otumininu :smiley: I hope you had a good one today. GOD bless you with a happy life, may you and your husband raise beautiful (bibi ire :slight_smile: )children. Amen.


Amen! Thanks for appreciating my sweetheart.
Remain blessed @Funsho😄


Bravo sire!


so that’s the Funsho more blessings Sir​:pray::pray::raised_hands:


Yes, I did

Amen :pray:Thanks a lot


@NaijaLander more grease to your elbow sire. Cheers to greater Heights