Zegist celebrations


Congratulations family. Welcome to your world of possibilities. You are someone’s model, behave as one. Its time to live the dreams you imagined, time to make the change, its time for the real you to emerge. Congratulations family


Congratulations @Kachie @Chum_Sky @maikel_Coker


I did not see this massive love coming! Thank you so much guys!!! God bless you.:heart::heart::heart:
I’m posting my POP pictures soon…


yeah!!! We are waiting. It’s finally over! Congrats baby.


Thank you my dear ones . Thank you and Amen to your prayers . GOD bless us all. Amen.


@Kachie, I’m sorry this is coming late dear. Happy belated birthday to you. I pray that God surprises you and blesses you beyond your imaginations this new year. :heart::heart:

To every other celebrant @maikel_Coker, I wish you all God’s best.


Congrat my fifu -buhari’s voice


Congratulations, guys! Greater heights! :ok_hand:t5:


Birthday keh… I doubt if sisi @Judy actually read the post :joy::joy:
It’s their POP jor not birthday. Had to scroll all the way up to see how I happened to miss dear @Kachie 's birthday(whew, relieved I didn’t)


Congrats people. May the Lord pave way for you after NYSC.


Thank you so much @Mopelola_Ariyo @judy Although it’s not my birthday yet. Na POP matter we dey :joy::joy::joy:


Thanks for the love y’all. And Cheers to fellow passing out corps members. Have a successful life


So you were a Corp member??? :smirk:


Thanks dear… And you too! Congratulations darling @Chum_Sky


:woman_facepalming:t5::woman_facepalming:t5: see me oh! I was here thinking I missed your birthday @Kachie :joy::joy::joy: I’m glad I didn’t.


Yes I was o…


Congratulations to you too :kissing_heart:


Congrats to all of them oo



We love and celebrate you today and always. Keep manifesting excellence. More ink to your pen too. Live long!!

Hey @everybody, we have a celebrant today!!


Happy birthday @Chapetra Best wishes! :tada::tada: