Zegist celebrations


Sorry I’ve been offline today. I wish you all the best. Live long and never cease to manifest excellence, dear. You are loved.

Please @everybody, we have a celebrant today.


@Kachie solibe, happy birthday dear. God bless you immensely


Thank you so much sissy! May God bless you too… :heart::heart:


Amen! Thank you very much maami! Love you plenty.


You are welcome, darling. Expect my call.


You are welcome.


My dear daughter @Kachie, so sorry i haven’t called as it is my usual custom to do so… Work has been stressful and I am not getting any younger. How are you fairing and how are your siblings @Kiitan and @Ibejih ?

On this special day i wish you all the best of blessings from my heart of hearts. The very things that hinder your peers will not hinder you. The people you hold dear to your heart (like me your daddy and that @aje boy) will always be on God’s mind.

I wish you success in your graphics design. You will grow with the mindset that everything is achievable. I also wish you true love and many happy years in the land of the living.

Daddy Evans.




Amen and Amen and another Amen! Thank you so much daddy. May God bless you exceedingly abundantly… I’m really grateful.


Happy birthday Kachie


Thank you very much…


@Mira you missed me. Yesterday. Apology accepted.

@Kachie Happy Birthday! More paint to your brush!


Hey @etinobaseki thanks a lot!


Happy birthday @Kachie May God bless you


Happy birthday


Sorry about that, I celebrate you dear. Many more years to you. Hope you enjoyed your day?

Hello @etinobaseki, I think you should update your birthday on your profile. We would be glad to celebrate with you.


Happy birthday @Kachie God bless your new age.


Happy birthday @Kachie. Have a blessed year ahead. Hope you had a beautiful celebration.


Thank you so much @Otumininu @Otseluv @Angie I did have a wonderful day… May God bless you all.


This got me laughing :joy: