Zegist Chat: Q&A with Emeka Nobis


Hello @zegisters, trust you’re having a great and fabulous week. All the best from me as always!

For everyone who just joined us, you are welcome to Zegist, and we would like to appreciate y’all (both old and new Zegisters) for your contributions and most especially online presence so far. Keep it up! :heart_eyes:

I have an amazing news for us all!

It’s our first Zegist chat for the year and we would be having a Question and Answer session with Mr. Emeka Nobis(a Life Coach, writer/founder of Pen &
Ink Masters
and a business consultant.

I’m super excited about this!! :dancer::dancer::dancer:

Wanna catch up with Mr. Emeka and have him answer those questions bothering you? Join us here, this Thursday, 14th June, at 8:00pm.

Don’t miss it!!

Don’t forget to invite people by sharing this post on other social media platforms. Let’s spread the news!:dancer::dancer:

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@Mira, what time is the chat?


Oh darling, good afternoon. It’s by 8pm.


Oya o… Yard people, country people, community people, amazing @zegisters, we are just 1hour,26minutes away from tonight’s chat!

Don’t miss it! 8:00pm.

@Otumininu, get the popcorn ready.


@Mira I brought the machine so we can do more when we run out of it :grin:


I have no elder brother, and you are married, else… :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You can give me money instead :joy::joy::joy:


Yes! @Emeka_Nobis is available. 24minutes to go :dancer::dancer::dancer:


I don’t even know where to type. I’m new to this.


Hello @Emeka_Nobis, you are welcome!! And you are fine oh.


I don land my country people!!


Sorry sir. I can coach you on that.

Meanwhile, welcome!


Take a seat, and popcorn too. @Otumininu brought enough to go round.

Hope you brought your jotter and questions along o?


Hello @Emeka_Nobis welcome!


Thanks a lot for having me.


Can you see my response?


Yes, I can. Welcome.


There’s coke for everyone, cold or room temperature.
Let the talk begin!!!


Okay, it’s time!

For the benefit of those who don’t know you yet, please tell us about yourself. Who is Emeka Nobis?