Zegist Chat with Arihilam Francis: Emotional intelligence


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Something amazing has been cooking up for a while and for us to be partakers of this delicious meal from an amazing therapist, Francis Arihilam, who would be taking us on the journey of emotional intelligence.

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Hello @zegisters, our chat with @Arihilam_Francis is just few minutes away. Let’s avail ourselves for tonight sweethearts.


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It’s interesting to be here again, since the last time I was here was on August 15, 2017 (The day I signed up …lol)


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Here is my Profile Just in case…

Francis is an applied Human Behaviorist.

He uses result techniques from behavioral sciences, specifically psychology, neuro-linguistics programming, social philosophy and cognitive behavior therapy- to help companies and individuals solve difficult behavioral and policy issues.

He assists to build cognitive behavioral structure that is backed up by ample research into human social behavior and corporate strategy.
He built the habit reformation technique and belief validation cycle as interventions in coaching individuals, corporate organizations and families- to help them understand how their negative beliefs and habits were facilitated. And how these disempowering beliefs can be removed.

He has been on various panels and currently serves as faculty member for various coaching programs including Sage Center, LMC and others.

With a bachelor degree in Philosophy and Religion from the prestigious University of Benin.

He currently serves as a management consultant in the rig of behavior management and currently consults for AT Metzger; a management consulting firm with core focus on Risk Management and Human Resource Strategy Development.

He recently developed a book on how to lead a possible life which has since its release attracted attention from within and outside the African continent.



great Job! … love to be like you when i grow


Thank you all for the warm welcome.

It’s an honor to be here discussing a topic that has become a necessity in recent times


First let me start by saying that women are not more emotional than men.

I know this is a common believe within the corners of our environment but as a therapist I have seen men break down in absolute tears and it’s absolutely okay


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Emotions are simply channels of expression for our sadness , joy , pleasure or displeasure.

Again. I know its been often said that anger is a bad emotion, but from wide body of research and personal findings I have observed that anger is a double edged sword.

In that it depends largely on how you hold the weapon.




Finally, Someone Agrees


The reason why it appears that women are more emotional than men is because culture, not only in Africa promotes the stiffness of men towards accepting and acknowledgement of their genetic make up.

So a man must not be seen in tears publicly else he runs the risk of been taken seriously


So bravery is juxtaposed with lack of emotions, when in the real sense bravery is emotional intelligence.