Zegist Chat with Arihilam Francis: Emotional intelligence






Good evening


Emotional intelligence is simply in my opinion, the ability to audit your emotions with the aim of ensuring that it is ecological.

That means it’s not a source of harm to you and the environment


Tyler Perry in his recent Movie Acrimony did a fine job pointing out what emotional intelligence means.


Robert was emotionally unintelligent and Mel was the consequences of bottled up emotions.

Let me clearly say that one is not being emotionally intelligent when they continue to withhold how they feel from someone who is hurting them.


Happened to me once, I was in shock even while I was still bawling like a baby




In the movie they both hurt each other even if they both had good intentions. That’s why in psychology we say people can do bad things with good intentions.


Emotional intelligence has a long list of components but let me limit it to three.





Are you also saying that men are more emotional than women? Or do both sexes bear equality of emotional expressions? What do you surmise?


To become emotionally intelligence requires that we first Master our emotions.

One way to do this is to be present and pay attention to how we respond to events, words unspoken communications and this will ultimately point us to our triggers( the things that stimulate our joy or pain)


Men and women are equally emotional, the men have only be culturally programmed to give less access to the amygdala (the part of the brain that deals with emotions )


I’d have thought women were more emotional than men, if only slightly so. Their biology seems more capable of varying degrees of emotion.


It’s self awareness that helps an emotional intelligent person to pay attention the how emotions is play a role the activities of others and he or she can respect and maintain a healthy relationship with these people.


This is very true!


To what degree can one be fully say he is self aware?


Hormones differ in both sexes which can influence the frequency of emotional out burst.

But emotions can be experienced equally to the highest and lowest degree by both sexes


If we can’t say that men are more angry than women, or women are more happy than men.

It means that we are saying that both sexes have the capacity to experience both emotions.

Significant external experiences contribute 70% to how emotions are expressed


So in a way guys are at a disadvantage because society doesn’t give us the freedom to experience the full range of our emotions?